Kitchen cost calculator

Use the sliders below to get an estimate of what your new kitchen will cost. See notes and instructions below for more information.

Estimate: $15000.00

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Notes & instructions

This is the small-screen version of our kitchen construction cost calculator. It has been simplified and only gives a rough cost estimate.

The full-screen version, for which you will need to use a tablet, laptop or PC, goes into much greater detail.

Call a few kitchen installers and suppliers in your local area and ask for an approximate per square metre cost for your kitchens.

If you do not have time for this or get unreasonable answers use the following values:

  1. $2200/m2 if you are building a medium to large sized kitchen with basic fittings.
  2. $2500/m2 if you are building a small kitchen with basic fittings or a medium to large sized kitchen with standard quality fittings.
  3. $3000/m2 or more if you are building a small, medium or large kitchen with luxury fittings.

The rules of thumb are:

  1. The smaller the kitchen the higher the per-square-metre cost
  2. The more luxurious your fittings (sink, dishwasher, oven, etc.) the higher the cost. There is almost no upper limit on how crazy you can get with fittings like benchtops, rangehoods and splashbacks.

The per square meter cost used in the calculator covers the cost of:

  1. Purchasing and installing cabinets
  2. Plumbing & electrical - materials and labour
  3. Fixtures & installing the fixtures.

The per square meter cost does not cover the cost of:

  1. Removing the existing kitchen if you are renovating
  2. Structural adjustments (for example: creating walls or partitions)
  3. Waterproofing costs

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