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Aspect Designs, Sydney, NSW

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1+2 Architecture
1+2 Architecture is a multi-award winning practice based in Hobart Tasmania.
Service area(s):  Hobart
Phone:  (03) 6234-8122    full details
Bob Mirowski Design & Construction
Directors, Bob and Helen Mirowski have over 40 years of building design and construction experience. Our design always work closely with it's clients and construction team to produce sensible ...
Service area(s):  Tasmania, Hobart, Launceston, Burnie
Phone:  (03) 6231-3888    full details
Circa Morris-Nunn Walker
Circa Morris Nunn Architects, Hobart Tasmania | Award winning architects whose work includes hotels, resorts, tourism, commercial, residential, public, cultural projects.
Service area(s):  Hobart
Phone:  (03) 6236-9544    full details
Cleland Construction Pty Ltd
Frank Cleland commenced Cleland Construction Pty Ltd in 1986. Frank took pride in instilling the professional quality construction principals in all developments. These qualities were passed onto his ...
Service area(s):  Hobart
Phone:  0412 871 266    full details
Cornelis Wegman Architects
Making YOUR ideas real is what we do! We design new houses and/or help you alter what you've got.
Service area(s):  Hobart
Phone:  (03) 6224-5522    full details
Cornelius Wegman Architects
Cornelis Wegman Architects is a Hobart-based practice undertaking a full range of professional architectural services. Since its establishment in 1998, cornelis wegman architects has completed ...
Service area(s):  Tasmania
Phone:  (03) 6234-4171    full details
David Wakefield & Associates
Our practice is a national award winning architecture and design firm that specialises in environmentally sustainable domestic and commercial design.
Service area(s):  Tasmania
Phone:  (03) 6234-8777    full details
Detour Design
Detour Architecture Interiors is a Hobart based design practice with expertise in 3D modelling, contract project management supervision, planning statutory assessment including council ...
Service area(s):  Tasmania
Phone:  (03) 6254-5162    full details
Dock4 architecture
We work across a range of project types and scales, principally in Tasmania and Victoria, including government, hospitality, single and multiple residential projects, mixed use developments and shop ...
Service area(s):  Hobart
Phone:  (03) 6231-0469    full details
Our buildings are designed for flexibility and future adaptability, for multi-purpose use, saleability, gracious aging, minimal energy costs and happy long term living, working and playing.
Service area(s):  Hobart
Phone:  (03) 6234-6077    full details
Green Design
Energy efficiency, including passive solar design and effective insulation, both for thermal comfort and low running costs.
Service area(s):  South Hobart
Phone:  (03) 6224-6810    full details
Heffernan Button Voss Architects
HBV Architects is an established, awarded and well-respected architectural practice, recognised for design excellence and client satisfaction. Working across the full range of building types, HBV has ...
Service area(s):  Tasmania
Phone:  (03) 6224-9997    full details
Ian Kirk Architecture
Creative, thoughtful design solutions. Personal, professional service.
Service area(s):  Tasmania
Phone:  (03) 6224-2200    full details
Liminal Studio
Multi-disciplinary design | Liminal Studio | architects and graphic design - Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.
Service area(s):  Hobart
Phone:  (03) 6231-6251    full details
Tasmanian architects in Hobart for residential, commercial & institutional building design projects. Creative Designers & award winning project collaborators.
Service area(s):  Tasmania
Phone:  (03) 6234-3307    full details
Maguire Architects
Architecture Practice based in Hobart Tasmania. 11 Morrison St Hobart TAS 7000
Service area(s):  Hobart
Phone:  0438 312 558    full details
Maria Gigney Architects, Hobart Tasmania | Award winning architects
Service area(s):  Hobart
Phone:  (03) 6223-3446    full details
Matt Williams Architects
We do not have a specific architectural style all projects are tailored to the clients, site, brief and budget.
Service area(s):  Hobart
Phone:  (03) 6234-9384    full details
Morris-Nunn and Associates Architects
Award winning architects whose work includes hotels, resorts, tourism, commercial, residential, public, cultural projects.
Service area(s):  Tasmania
Phone:  (03) 6236-9544    full details
My philosophy of architecture is of an aesthetic concern with space, structure and materials that produces an organic architecture - organic in the sense that it resembles a living organism.
Service area(s):  Hobart
Phone:  (03) 6223-5154    full details
Room 11 Studio
Design focused architecture studio in Hobart and Melbourne.
Service area(s):  Hobart, Melbourne, Launceston
Phone:  (03) 6264-2847    full details
Tim Penny Architecture + Interiors
Tim Penny Architecture and Interiors was established in 2009 as a studio based practice that is client focused, design led and underpinned by the idea that good architecture requires good processes.
Service area(s):  Hobart
Phone:  (03) 6231-5655    full details
Xsquared Architects Pty Ltd
Our core business is in the commercial and institutional sectors. We are specialists in sustainable, energy efficient design using the latest technology and low environmental impact materials to ...
Service area(s):  Hobart
Phone:  (03) 6224-7077    full details

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