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Colour trends for 2013. Colour is the trend for 2013. Neutrals are simply a back drop for a riot of interesting colour in its brightest incarnations. Colours are strong, clear and uplifting.

How to select an interior designer. Practical guide to selecting an interior designer.

Interior styling. Make the right choices of colour, texture and design...

DIY interior design. Why can some people make their home look stylish, cozy or just plain brilliant when others, no matter how hard they try, simply make a mess of it?

Window dressings. Seven rules for window dressings. This article covers curtains, blinds, awnings, sun-shades, shutters and venetian blinds.

DIY wallpaper. Gone are the days when you hear the word "wallpaper" and you think of old English homes with a faded floral brocade on every wall. In fact, if we look further into the past, we'd be surprised about the extent to which wallpaper was used in homes to create glamour and decadence.

Wall decals. Install your own removable wall decals - its much easier than wallpaper.

3D wall panels. Until recently there has been a limited selection of internal wall lining types in Australia. Many people building or renovating are unaware that there are other choices besides Gyprock. Well now there are! Three dimensional wall linings are now available in Australia. To save money you can easily install this eco-friendly product yourself.

Colour wheel tool. Use this tool to help you select a colour scheme for your home. (This colour tool should ideally be used after you've read the following two articles.)

Picking colours for your home. Why can some people pick the right colours and and other can't? The answer is simple, they have not read this article... (page 1 of 2)

Colour selection rules for your home. When furnishing, decorating and painting the interior or exterior of your home you should consider the following rules when selecting colours... (page 2 of 2)

DIY your home office. If you're lucky enough to be able to work from home, then you probably already know how important it is to have the right home office set up. It's amazing how much a work environment can affect productivity and quality of work...

The use of neutral colours a case study by Colour Consultant Samantha Bacon

Organising your home. When decluttering the first rule is use the Swiss Cheese approach. Don't look at the overwhelming entirety of decluttering your house. Look at it one area at a time...

Feng Shui analysis of your home. There are many techniques in Feng Shui, e.g. San Yuen, San He and Xuan Kong to name a few that are or can be used in an analysis...

Paint finishes. Selecting the right colour for your decorating job is difficult enough but there is an amazing array of different paint companies with many different products...

Engaging with an interior designer. When selecting an interior designer, like anyone you choose to do business with, the fit should be right. Here's a few tips on how to engage with the right interior designer for you.

Storage ideas. Are you running our of room in your home? Then read this article for ideas on where to put all your stuff.

Windows furnishings - your alternatives. This article explains the different types of window furnishings available normally available in Australia and lists the advantages and disadvantages of each.

DIY curtains Learn almost everything about curtains and how to create and install your own.


Furniture articles. Furniture plays both a functional role in our lives and a decorative role. Furniture can also serve a symbolic or religious purpose. Domestic furniture works to create comfortable, ergonomic and visually pleasing interior spaces...

What type of furniture should I buy?. How do you select furniture and know that it will work for you? Follow these steps and you too will create a room that reflects your individuality and feels right for your home...

Furniture styles. Well-chosen furniture will create comfortable, ergonomic and visually pleasing interior spaces that reflect your own personality and style. You will naturally gravitate to a certain style of furniture. Once you have your style, you need to be consistent and stick to it...

How to arrange furniture. Follow these steps and your will furniture will appear inviting, comfortable, facilitate conversation and flatter your best pieces...

Privacy screens

steel laser cut screen

Image courtesy of Cutout Privacy Screens

Decorative privacy screens. Decorative screens have a history dating back to the mid-600's in China. During the 1950's and 1960's Australia saw a strong revival in decorative privacy screens in residential and commercial architecture. Today we are enjoying another revival with strong traditional designs implemented with contemporary styles and materials.

External privacy screens. Internal decorative privacy screens first appeared in China in the mid-600's. However external privacy screens are a more recent phenomenon. They began to appear in Australian residential and commercial building during the 1950's and 1960's, as a direct result of high density living and higher incomes. Since the late 1990ís they have become more popular and more decorative; with both contemporary and traditional materials being used.

Flooring articles

Selecting flooring. Choosing the right floor for you in 4 easy steps.

Choosing a timber floor. When it comes to choosing timber flooring, here are the six most important steps to consider.

Did you know that timber flooring has a limited life? Read more on the subject in this article: Timber Floor Sanding & Polishing .

Polished concrete floors.  If we are talking ‘flavour of the year’ in architectural flooring, polished concrete would have to be ‘it’.  Not yet common place in the mass Australian housing market

Rubber flooring. With the increase of high quality, architecturally designed homes and the awareness of 'green' building materials, high quality colourful rubber flooring is making a comeback.


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