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Managing Director Angela Elliss with Les Smith, Master Builder

Les Smith, Master Builder: I own a residential building company and knew very little about the Internet and how it could benefit my business. Within the first 3 months of advertising we signed 3 contracts totaling $660,000.

My business would be dead without my advertising on the Home Design Directory.

Advertising options

(1) Directory listings - ask us about our priority placement options

  Placements Clicks ** Cost
Essentials listing example 3 10-100 (typical) register   $24.75/month
Basic listings example 1 0-20 (typical) register

Basic listings include ads and may contain ads from a competitor. They are listed after Essentials Listings.

(2) In-article advertising

  Placements Impressions ** Clicks ** Cost
Article package example 9 60,000 80-450 contact us
Intensive package example 20+ 120,000 450-800 contact us
Feature article example 600 120,000 450-1500 contact us
Banner and other ads - - - contact us

** Click-through rates and monthly impression figures are indicative only. They are not guaranteed.

(3) Product & plant advertising

We have advertising specifically for companies wanting to promote their home and gardening related products. See our Product Database and Plant Database.

  Placements Impressions Clicks ** Cost
Product advertising example 3 / product TBD (new) TBD (new) contact
Plant advertising example 3 / plant 0 - 100+ per plant 0 - 20 per plant contact

** Click-through rates and monthly impression figures are indicative only. They are not guaranteed.

Learn more about online and offline advertising and marketing

How to promote your business online & offline. A first-hand account written by Angela Elliss, B.Sc. Architecture. Learn about 7 things you can do to effectively promote your small business, with or without a website.

How our readers find your advertising

  • We are article focused and search engine optimise all our web pages to attract readers - your potential clients.
  • Readers find our articles & directory listings on page one of Google for 100's of home design & construction related search terms. While readers are viewing our articles they see our advertisers information and make contact with you.

Why advertise with us?

It's all about your business! Your advertising will:

  • Increase qualified traffic to your website
  • Increase your exposure on the Internet
  • Increase the number of leads you get
  • Receive up to 400,000 ad impressions per month
  • Be constantly monitored & tuned to help convert traffic into sales
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Online traffic growth

Did you know our online traffic typically increases by 100% per year? See our Traffic Growth chart here.


  • Up to 200,000 visitors a month
  • Over 250 professionally written articles
  • Page-one on Google for hundreds of search terms
  • Over 5,000 directory listings
  • Our Newsletter 'open' stats average 28%
  • Visitors spend, on average, over 3 minutes on our site

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