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Bathroom cost calculator

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Cost estimates

Bathrooms and kitchens cost the most per square metre when you are renovating or building a new home. As a result we have created a handy calculator that will help you estimate the cost of building a new bathroom (see below). The tips that follow will also help you keep your costs within your budget.

Keep in mind that the cost calculator below is a fun app that provides an estimate of what to expect when setting a budget for your new bathroom. For accuracy you will need to run your confirmed plans past a specialist bathroom builder. It is wise to set a budget for your PC (provisional cost) items before you begin.

PC items include products such as:

  • Taps
  • Robe hooks
  • Toilets
  • Tiles
  • Floor wastes
  • Bathtubs
  • Mirrors
  • Sinks

Calculator assumptions

We have set the base cost of the bathroom at $1,200/m² but you can alter this at anytime during your calculations.

The base cost includes all basic items such as:

  • the removing or gutting of existing bathroom fittings and wall and flooring coverings
  • the addition or removal of minor structure wall elements
  • labour for tiling walls and floors
  • waterproofing
  • labour & materials for electrical & plumbing
  • rough-in and fit-off of PC items

The base costs above do not include any PC items (eg. towel rails, taps, sinks, shower enclosures).

See out TIPS after Step 2 - explaining more about PC item options.

Step 1: Determine the bathroom's size

If you have a bathroom plan ready and drawn to scale you can work with your plan, but if you do not,  use one of ours below. Measure the breadth and width of your bathroom space and work out the m² area. Add this area to the first field in Step 2 below.

Layout options (click on one):

Option A
Space efficient

Option B
No door

Option C

Step 2: Specify bathroom's size, contents and tiled area

size of bathroom (m2): custom    small    medium    large
tiled area (m2) : custom   (tiled area includes floors & walls)
tiles (cost/m2) : custom    standard    basic    $
bath: premium    standard    basic    n/a $
tapware & mixers: premium    standard    basic    n/a $
bath wall spout: premium    standard    basic    n/a $
bench top: custom   standard  basic  n/a $
vanity: premium   standard  basic  n/a $
basin: premium   standard  basic  n/a $
basin set (tap & spout): premium   standard  basic  n/a $
mirror: fixed    cabinet    n/a $
hand towel holder : premium    standard    basic    n/a $
shower enclosure: premium    standard    basic    n/a $
shower rail: premium    standard    basic    n/a $
soap dish: premium    standard    basic    n/a $
heated towel rail: large    medium    small    n/a $
robe hook: premium    standard    basic    n/a $
exhaust fan: premium    standard    basic    n/a $
toilet suite: premium   standard    basic    n/a $
toilet roll holder: premium   standard    basic    n/a $
floor waste: floor trough    concealed    chrome $

Assumes per square metre cost of:


Getting more accurate costings

For accurate estimates use our free, no obligation quotation service - we will get 3 quotes from bathroom professionals in your area.

TIPS for using this calculator

Concrete flooring in the bathroomFlooring options

Most bathrooms are tiled, but keep in mind there are more flooring options. If you believe the /m² costs shown above are unrealistic specify your own value. (And don't forget the walls!).

Other flooring options:

  • Polished concrete
  • Rubber
  • Timber slats
  • Tiles - If you're on a budget, only tile where you need to, don't tile all the way to the ceiling - this is an expensive option. Your bathroom will still look great and will also be affordable if you just install a tiled skirting (one row of tiles up the wall).

Matching your bathroom items

General tip - When choosing taps, robe hooks and other items in the bathroom try to stay with the same style so everything matches. See our article "Choosing better Bathroom Fittings" for more information.

Clicking on "small" is equivalent to choosing layout option "A", clicking on "medium" is the same as choosing layout option "B", etc.

Specifying your own bathroom area may adversely affect the accuracy of this calculator because it has been tuned to use one of the 3 layouts shown; i.e. a rectangular layout with only the PC items shown on the plan.

Most bathrooms are tiled. If you believe the per-square-metre costs shown for tiling are unrealistic specify your own value. (And don't forget the walls!).

Baths vary in price depending on what materials they are made of, brand name and installation requirements. A basic bath could be an acrylic recessed bath notched into the stud wall. A standard bath can be acrylic or enamel steel that sits in a tiled "hob". A premium bath might be a free standing steel bath with a matching "skirt". basic shower enclosure
standard shgower enclosure
premium shower enclosure

A mixer is a single tap and spout item that delivers hot and cold water. Separate tap and spout sets are called either shower, basin or bath "sets" and are generally more economical than mixers and have less moving parts - thus less problems.

  1. Basic - Basic bath spouts are manufactured to sit off the wall and over the bath.
  2. Standard - Standard spouts can be wall or hob mounted.
  3. Premium - Premium spouts are items such as 'hob' mounted spouts and Shower Towers. These options are not standard products and are more expensive to purchase.

BTW: brushed chrome items, although very swish, are always more expensive than standard chrome.

A basic bench top could be 'Laminex'. A standard bench top would cover granite and a custom bench top would be a man made composite product such as 'Caesarstone' or Terrazzo. 'Coran' and 'Laminex' - Freeform are resin form products that would fit into the premium costing

A vanity usually sits under the bench top and is used to store various bathroom items like extra toilet paper, etc.

The basin is usually bought alone, without the tap and spout and can come in a few different options.

  1. Basic - Vanity basin - recessed into the bench.
  2. Standard - Semi-recessed - basin protrudes slightly from the bench top.
  3. Premium - Wall hung or pedestal (no bench top or vanity required).

A basin set is the term used for the 2 taps and spout purchased together and installed with the basin.

A fixed mirror is the most economical option. Cabinet mirrors include a shelving unit behind the operable mirror and cost more than a fixed mirror.

This item is for hanging a hand towel only and is inadequate for drying a bath towel

There are three general types of shower screens. They are... (1) Basic: made from thin glass panels with large section aluminium extrusions. (2) Standard: semi-frameless using slightly thicker glass panels with less thick aluminium extrusions than no:1. (3) premium - frameless shower screens - these have no aluminium frame to support the glass but the glass is quite thick - the screens are attached to the wall with chrome brackets. basic shower enclosure standard shgower enclosure premium shower enclosure

A shower rail is a shower rose and hose combination that attaches to the wall via a vertical rail made of plastic with a chrome finish or stainless steel.

When designing a bathroom you need to think about soap... pick one!

Very nice but also pricey and they vary greatly in price. Pick a small one for economy.

Very handy items for the back of the bathroom door.....

The basic bathroom exhaust fan will draw moisture from the room. A standard unit may also have a light. The premium fan will also have a heater. Remember if you have a well ventilating window you won't need a fan.

To the right are examples of a premium, standard and basic toilet suite which respectively sell for approximately $650, $450 and $280. premium toilet suite standard toilet suite basic toilet suite

Very handy item and they range in price depending on how well they are designed and made.

Bathroom floor wastes have come along way in the last few years. Here are a few options:

Floor wastes - concealled, trough grates, rounds standard
  1. Basic - chrome - You can still buy the regular round chrome floor wastes.
  2. Standard - concealed - Concealed floor wastes are square or round in shape and are designed so a tile can be inserted into the top - hence concealing the floor waste.
  3. Premium - trough - Floor troughs are so very cool... they are made to order and are generally about 900mm long and 100mm wide and deep. They have a stainless steel grated top finish or a concealed option and represent the "top end" of floor wastes when renovating.


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