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Choosing a timber floor in 6 easy steps

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Are you shopping for a new flooring? Given that there are simply too many choices, ranging from concrete to tiles, nylon laminates, terrazzo and, of course, carpet, being well informed is your only option if you hope to make the right choice. And, as a cheaper option, you also have the choice of getting your existing floor refinished by simply polishing it.

Once you have decided that timber flooring is your preference here are some steps you can use in making your selection...


Six essential steps to choosing the right timber floor

1. List all your requirements

First, mention all your requirements in a list. For instance, most people prefer quiet, acoustic or sound-proof rooms that are also warm, durable and gentle, especially on babies knees. Specific timber flooring can be used after consultation with experts for enjoying all these benefits. The Monaghan timber is popular for its warm, gentle and noble appearance and for offering a comfortable log cabin feel. Similarly, it is best to avoid timber in bathroom floors
as moisture harms wood; you can choose a parquet style
if you are looking for a geometric design; bamboo
for enhanced strength and so on.

2. Durability

When comparing your options, consider room traffic and woods durability. Be careful about opting for non marking wood; bamboo, composit products, tallowwood and red ironbark timber are best for living room, areas with high traffic or those prone to scratches.

3. Match your floor

Choose a type, colour and patterns that will match your room furnishing, fabrics and accessories. Some popular styles include: lighter colours for casual or contemporary settings, darker colours for traditional or formal settings; red oak natural and maple natural are popular timber
floorings that complements all decorations and styles.
Products like cork, composits and particle board can off
a very modern feel to a space.

4. Maintenance

Ensure that you know the woods maintenance regime while selecting one. Opt for a product that you are able to maintain. Wood flooring maintenance usually involves protecting the surface from heavy wear and tear and moisture, and cleaning with wood floor cleaning products. Not following the maintenance guidelines may lead to product guarantee or warranty being void.

5. Research all available products:

Search the market to know your different options in timber flooring.

  • Cork is an underestimated product, but it is seeing a resurgence in modern architecture. It is warm and soft under-foot, and is perfect for families with small children. If the finishing surface is tinted black, over the first six months of installation the floor will turn a beautiful dark chocolate colour if exposed to the sun.

  • Solid timber varies in price and quality and remember that the wider the board, the more expensive it will be. Scarser timbers always cost more so if youre on a budget dont even look.
  • Timber laminate there are some really good quality and durable laminates on the market. This option allows you to have the beautiful wide board look, at a reasonable budget price.
  • Recycled timber dont think this is a cheaper option, its usually more expensive than new timber, depending on the age and width of the planks. Remember that todays timber is grown quick for high demand and has poor structural strength and durability in comparison to old recycled timbers.
  • Timber composite suit a modern home very well. Forbo for example has flooring that is a mix of timber and polymers and is supplied in a tile format. Bamboo is harder than traditional timber and sustainable. This is a great product and its seeing a real surge in use in Australia. This product is excellent in high traffic areas in residential and commercial situations.

6. Cost Comparison

Finally, after short listing your options, compare their costs. Opt for one that is affordable, meets your requirements and is within your budget, and force yourself to stick to the budget, timber flooring can be expensive.

The key to achieving shiny, clean and beautiful timber flooring for your home is in following these golden rules. It enables you to enjoy fashionable, comfortable and beautiful flooring for life that suits the way you live.

Timber floor polishing & coatings

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