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Kitchen splashbacks

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The latest trends on kitchen splashbacks

Splashback by Pressed Tin Panels - SydneyThe kitchen is probably the busiest space in the average home and difficult to keep clean due to all the water, food waste and grease. A smooth surface allows for easy cleaning and also provides less areas for bacteria to take hold.

Many readers will know about the traditional splashback options such as glass, tiles and stainless steel, but let us take a look at some modern comparisons that are simply stunning.

The latest splashback materials

Laminex-modern-kitchen-splashback-laminate...and the winners are...

  • Colorbond - Try "Mini Orb" as a splashback
  • Acrylic sheeting - Looks like glass without the price tag.
  • Pressed metal - For a modern or classic look.
  • Laminate sheeting - Lots to choose from.


Mini Orb kitchen splashbackAny profile of Colorbond sheeting can be used as a splashback material, but make sure your profile matches the look you are going for. Colorbond is cost effective, smooth, easy to clean and very durable.

Laminate sheeting

The latest in modern splashbacks would have to be patterned laminates. This product comes in various graphics and plain colours, you can even create a custom splashback with graphics you provide.

Acrylic sheeting

It looks like glass but at a fraction of the cost, and safe enough to install yourself. It is sleek, modern and easy to clean.

One of the lasted innovations in durable internal surfaces are Laminex's Metaline Splashbacks. They are crafted using an advanced composite panel and are a great alternative to glass. The Metaline panel has a high-gloss paint system, is easy to clean and can become a highly decorative feature. The new collection includes 12 bold high gloss colours. When correctly installed, they are compliant with the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

Pressed Metal

pressed metal spashback by Pressed Tin Panels - SydneyPressed Metal is a relatively new splashback product to the Australian kitchen scene. It is highly ornate and can be coated in polyurethane, providing a durable, easy clean finish. Pressed metal has been used for decades as a ceiling lining to produce highly ornate ceilings. Pressed metal is being used for splashbacks in classic as well as modern kitchens.

Traditional Splashback Materials

Traditional splashback options like; solid acrylic, stainless steel, composite stone, glass, natural stone, Terrazo and tiles are still widely used and hold their date well.

  • Solid acrylic - For a totally modern look.
  • Modern tiled splashbackStainless steel -Still popular!
  • Composite stone - For a modern or classic look.
  • Glass - keeping it simple and sleek.
  • Natural stone - It's a classic.
  • Terrazo - Still looking good.
  • Tiles - Great for the DIYer, & so modern.

Solid acrylic

Stainless steel kitchen splashback - super modernFree form products such as Corian and (Laminex freestyle) offer warmth and flexibility. They are warm to the touch unlike natural stones, and they repel stains well.


Tiles are probably still the most common type of splashback installed in Australian kitchens, and for good reason. Tiled splashbacks are easy to install, very economical and can look very modern.

Stainless Steel

The use of stainless steel as a splashback saw a peak in the 1990's, however there has been a recently resurgence. Stainless steel can look very on trend if used correctly.

Composite Stone

Composite stone splashbackComposite stone is a prefabricated product that contains varying percentages of natural & man made products including; resin, stones, shells, cement and sand for example. Composite stones like Quantum Quartz are usually manufactured overseas and have been the direct result of finding a more cost effective option to products like Terrazo. It was not so long ago that Caesarstone was the only prefabricate composite stone on the Australia market. Now we have a huge option to choose from.


Toughened glass splashbacks have taken a strong hold as one on the most popular splashback types in Australia. Toughened glass unpainted looks slightly green by nature, but most people choose to paint their splashbacks to match or contrast with their kitchen.

Natural stone

The high demand for natural stone splashbacks and benches has always been strong and can be applied to modern and classic kitchens. Using the same stone product on your benches as well as your splashbacks can produce a stunning opulent effect.


Terrazzo has a long history in the construction industry, and is a made to order product. Terrazo has been improved greatly over the years and is no longer just a toilet partition and threshold product. Terrazzo can look stunning and the options of colors and additives (such as pebbles and even personal items) make it a very unique product for benchtops and splashbacks.

Today more than ever there is an abundance of modern options for splashbacks. To ensure you find a product that best suits your requirements you need to do research - compare the modern options with the traditional and don't be scared to try something different.