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Our article on Building Cost Estimates and our Construction Cost Calculator are two of our most popular web pages. Read the article and use the calculator to get an idea of the cost of construction before plans are drawn up and your money is wasted.

The building process fully explained... This article spans several pages and is written for owner-builders and property owners hiring a builder who want to familiarize themselves with the home construction process. It covers:

Building your 1st home. Five top tips to help you build your 1st home with fewer headaches.

Deck cost estimator. Use our handy and free online deck cost calculator to estimate the cost of a new timber deck.

The design & construction of stairs & staircases. Learn about the various types of stairs and staircase and how they are designed and built.

Structural engineering FAQ. Frequently asked questions about what a structural engineer does and what they cost.

Kit homes. Learn about kit homes, prefabricated homes and modular homes.

Swimming pools. All about buying, building and owning a swimming pool in Australia. How to choose the right swimming pool for your home.

DIY home building inspection. DIY your own building inspection for a potential new home.

So you want to be an owner builder...   then read this article.

How to read a builder's quote. Reading a builders quotation can be frustrating and can leave many people wondering what it actually includes! There are a few essential things that you can do to greatly improve receiving a thorough and easy to understand quotation...

Residential structures: the basics. Many people that don't work within the construction industry have little idea of how a simple home is constructed. Here we have provided some examples of basic home construction details so you can better understand how your home is 'put together'.

Sample construction specification. Here we have provided a few sample pages from a full construction specification document that building designers and architects produce for clients.

How to read construction plans. Each type of plan is explained interactively. As you move your mouse over the plan diagram explanatory text is displayed.

Keeping construction costs down. So why do building and renovating cost so much? And what can you do to limit the mental stress and tame the capital outlay that will inevitably occur? Here are six tips to help keep the process in check and prevent the loss of your sanity...

Fire ratings. Learn about building product fire ratings.

Dealing with tradesmen. Some practical tips on dealing with tradesmen.

Stainless steel in the construction industry. Explains the various uses of stainless steel in the residential construction industry.

Building better strawbale homes. An easy to read, informative look into the financially and environmentally friendly construction method of strawbale homes.

Roof flashing. This article will provide you with a solid understanding about flashing types and materials, and which one is most suitable for your job.

Skip bins. When embarking on a renovation project the left over building materials, packaging and other wastes are often not considered up-front. More often than not renovators will use bulk waste containers (skip bins) to store waste materials on-site for removal at a later time.

Emerging building materials. What's just arrived and what's coming over the horizon.

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