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The Building Process - An Introduction

Aspect Designs, Sydney, NSW

The following articles and video have been created for people planning to build a new house (or extension) or to undertake a major renovation. The intent is to familiarise the reader with the building process and the construction costs involved. The information has been based on the procedures and standards of New South Wales (which may vary a little from other states).

For property owners who intend to hire a builder Part 3 (Selecting and fixing finishes) is a "must read" because it discusses the areas where personal choices must be made - personal choices that will affect the entire building process.

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Table of Contents

Part 1. Pre-construction requirements

Timber deck under construction

DIY deck - a great way to save some money!

DIY Home Design / Owner Builder

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(1) How to Become an Owner Builder
(2) How to design your own home
(3) DIY floor plans

  1. Legal requirements and documentation
  2. Site Preparation

Part 2: House structures and the language of construction

  1. Footings & Floor Construction
  2. Wall Construction
  3. Roof Construction

Part 3. Selecting and fixing the finishes

  1. Roofing Materials
  2. Window Frames and Windows
  3. Doors
  4. Screens
  5. Exterior Wall Finishes
  6. Interior Wall Linings
  7. Ceiling Linings
  8. Wall & Ceiling Junctions

Part 4. Understanding the installation of services

  1. Water, drainage & gas
  2. Electrical

Wondering what it will cost you?

Depending on the stage of your project you have two options: (1) Get a rough estimate before you start the detailed design process or (2) Get an accurate estimate from a building professional who specilaises in construction cost estimating.

1. Get a rough estimate before you start spending money on design

Try our free construction cost calculator.

2. Already have plans?

Contact a local builder or quantity surveyor for a detailed and accurate cost estimate.