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Choosing the right windows and doors

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Panel lift window

If you are currently building or renovating a home, than you know that there is a huge variety of window and door options out there. Windows and doors say a lot about a home. They are functional and need to perform well, yet they can also be statement pieces and express so much about who lives there. What you choose will depend on the functions you need, the style you love and the security you expect.

When you start researching your windows and doors always remember that the Australian building industry often refer to both windows and doors as "windows".

To help you find the right windows for your house, here is an outline of your choices and things to consider.

Panel Lift windows

Panel lift windows and doors are so modern and allow the entire wall to be opened at the touch of a button. This window type is based on the same system as a panel lift garage door and requires a substantial beam overhead to take the load of the building as well as the weight of the door.

Awning windows

Casement windows

Louvre windows

Awning Windows

Awning Windows were once popular in the 1920's and 1950's, but due to their unique design quality are seeing resurgence in new homes built in temperate climates, often constructed from attractive and durable aluminum. Awning Windows have a sash along the top of the window, and open from the bottom, creating an awning that allows air to circulate freely but doesnt allow the rain in. Larger Awning Windows are often operated by a manual crank, whereas smaller windows, such as those used in smaller bathrooms, can be pushed open and pulled closed by hand.


Casement Windows

Casement Windows are an attractive and traditional window model that swing open like a door, but can be shut with an air-tight seal. They have a vertical, side-hung sash that allows the window to be opened inwards or outwards, inviting sea-breezes into your home. Aluminum Casement Windows provide some of the best thermal performance of any window type, and have very secure locking mechanisms. They are completely streamlined, and cranks are foldable to allow curtains and blinds to fall naturally. They allow for very large panes of glass, and are therefore perfect for homeowners with a view they want to showcase completely unobstructed.

Breezeway Louvre Windows


A unique style used exclusively in warmer climates, traditional Louvre (or Jalousie) Windows look beautiful in screened-in porches and sun rooms. The window is constructed with horizontal slats of glass, similar to venetian blinds yet wider. These can be opened, closed, or tilted depending on how much light and fresh air you want to let in. Aluminum Breezeway Louvre Windows are more versatile than their predecessors, and can be shut tight to keep harsh weather out. Whats more, they allow not only natural light and air into your room, but add a uniquely stylish touch that pulls together a contemporary look.

Double Hung Windows

Some looks are too good to ever go out of style, and aluminum Double Hung Windows look equally good on classic homes as they do brand new constructions. New Double Hung Windows offer a contemporary twist on an enduring classic; the beautiful, old fashioned look you want with the modern performance you expect. Also known as a sash window, Double Hung Windows are essentially two windows separated horizontally, and can be of different sizes and shapes (such as a semicircle atop a rectangle). They open from both the top and the bottom, and can feature a combination of large and small glass panes, customizable to your specifications.

Sliding Windows

Sliding Windows are now one of the most popular window options out there, and offer a contemporary look. Since they slide completely open, they offer a good air circulation in bedrooms, bathrooms and over kitchen sinks. They slide open and shut manually with ease, without using any additional space, which is perfect in rooms where there isnt an inch to spare. Sliding Windows are very easy to clean as they can be lifted out of their casement from the inside, and their light aluminum construction makes the process of washing both sides of the glass quick and painless.

French Doors

French Doors are a classic choice that looks good in both modern and traditional home decor. They are essentially large aluminum Casement Windows that are used as doors, sometimes between adjacent rooms, and other times it is an attractive entrance to a garden or patio. Their charm lies in the fact that they let full light into the room, creating an open and breezy feel. Usually 2 doors are hung alongside one another, but a single door can also do the trick.

Pivot Doors

Pivot Doors not only add architectural interest to your entryways, but they are extremely functional and last longer than traditional doors. These doors are hinge-less, which means less tension and friction, allowing for effortless opening and closing. The weight of the door is supported by the floor instead of a door frame, as pivots, instead of hinges, are placed on the floor and ceiling. This eliminates wear and tear on the door frame.

Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-Fold Doors are ideal in tight spaces, where there isnt enough room for a door to swing open. Often Bi-Fold doors are a pair of doors divided vertically into 2 parts attached by a set of hinges. The doors run along a track on the floor, so to open a door the knob is gently pulled and the door folds open. These doors are excellent as closet doors, but work in a variety of ways.


Sashless Double Hung Windows

Sashless Double Hung Windows function almost the same as Double Hung Windows, but they are a far more contemporary design. These windows provide a seamless view, because there is no sash holding the sturdy glass panes in place. Two glass panels glide along aluminum tracks, to give a custom amount of ventilation. Washing these windows is extra easy because they are perfectly uniform and smooth.

Aluminum windows and doors provide all the function and style that Australian homes are known for. As well as being beautifully designed, they are durable so you know that your purchase is a true investment in your home.