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Polished Concrete Benchtops & Furniture

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polished concrete furniture and benchtops

Everyone knows that concrete is durable, perfect for modern flooring and outside spaces. However, these same properties are exactly why concrete is great for any indoor application. Polished concrete furniture can have the same look as marble - and there are tons of ways to make the finish of your concrete furniture or benchtop unique, as well as long lasting. Today homeowners are turning to polished concrete to enhance the look of their homes - with benches, bench tops, tub surrounds, planters, and more.

Types of furniture

While you can make virtually any type of furniture from concrete, here are some of the most popular requests:

  • Polished Concrete Benchtops - Create a unique seating area for your kitchen or dining room with a beautiful, shiny, polished concrete benchtop. Whether you are looking for a country, contemporary, or modern feel, the wide variety of available materials, designs, finishes, and colors of concrete benches mean you will get a one of a kind bench top, that both looks high end yet is extremely economical.
  • Polished Concrete Fireplaces - Sleek and shiny polished concrete fireplace surrounds can be custom designed and moulded to complement a space, and can take on virtually any texture, color, or shape. Additionally, using concrete for a fireplace gives the benefit of "thermal massing" - where the surrounding material absorbs heat while the fireplace is operating, and releases it as the surrounding area cools down, resulting in higher energy efficiency and wonderful thermal comfort.
  • Polished Concrete Bathtub Surrounds (Hobs) - Concrete bathtub hobs for baths can give the same glossy look as marble or granite, without the high price. Make your tub more than just a place to soak, it can become a work of art with a polished surround, and it will last for many years with minimal maintenance.

Sinks & benchtops

Why settle for an ordinary kitchen or bathroom benchtop when you can have an extraordinary one? Today's bench tops made from concrete can be cast in virtually any shape or size - from tiny to terrific. You choose the color and texture you want, instead of having to settle for what is available. There's no limit to what you can design or have designed for you. Add a stainless steel sink to your kitchen benchtop when complete, customize your vanity with a glass pedestal sink, or select components that match your style.


One of the primary advantages of concrete is its versatility. While granite and other stones come in only a small range of colors and patterns, with concrete the variations are nearly limitless. Virtually any color can be accommodated, so you can match your new concrete piece to your existing decor. The creators of concrete furniture can use pigments, stains, and aggregate (material added to the concrete) to give furniture a completely unique look.

Aggregates are most often used to add strength to cement and water to form concrete; however when making furniture they also have the added effect of giving texture and individuality to a piece. Many manufacturers offer a wide selection of aggregates, including glass, metal, and rock to make your furniture or benchtop stand out.


Polished concrete is very easy to clean and take care of. To clean use a mild detergent and a mop or gentle cloth a few times per week, or as needed. If you happen to spill on your concrete surface such as your benchtop, ensure that it is cleaned up as soon as possible to avoid staining. Avoid acidic cleaners and rough cloths or brushes that scratch and dull the surface. An apoxy coating can be applied to your furniture or bench top, making it virtually stain free.

DIY concrete projects

Many do-it-yourself decorators are having a great time making concrete furniture. Concrete is fairly easy to work with, and you can customize your project to meet your needs. Here are a few online resources if you are interested in building concrete furniture:


While many think of concrete as hard and cold, if manufactured properly a polished concrete piece can add warmth and permanence to any space in your home. If you are looking for an incredibly durable, low-maintenance and beautiful piece of furniture or other addition to your home, consider concrete. There are many contractors out there who can help you complete your project and get exactly the type of concrete furniture piece you are dreaming of.

Polished concrete furniture manufacturers and suppliers

Sydney, Central Coast and Newcastle concrete & stone polishing

Sydney, Newcastle and Central Coast based Grind and Shine Concrete Polishing Systems are specialists in custom concrete furniture for commercial and residential applications.  For more information call Mark Gooding on 0420 277 887.