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Find a plant using our visual (and user friendly) plant finder tool or, if you already know plant names, try our plant index. Our plant library has been jointly developed with horticulturist Angus Stewart.

Landscaping articles

Get the right turf for your situation. Tips from OzBreed. Learn how to choose the right turf for your garden or other grassy area.

DIY Australian landscaping. Save money - learn to do it yourself! It's good exercise and can be very rewarding.

Choosing a landscaper. Don't have time to DIY? Then read this article before you start and avoid hiring the wrong landscaper.

Gabion walls

Green wall by Michael Hellgren (Sweden)

Cost effective DIY fencing. Learn how a typical backyard fence is constructed. Includes information for traditional timber paling, tubular fencing and rendered panel fencing.

DIY retaining walls. Unfortunately constructing a retaining wall is not a small job, but if you are willing to do some digging and lifting, and enjoy working in the garden, it is manageable as a DIY project...

Garden walls. Up until about 20 years ago Australians played it safe when choosing their style of garden wall and gates. But now, and particularly in the last ten years, home owners have ventured out and there are some amazing new products on the market...

Stone gabion walls and fencing. Gabion is a wire basket or wire form, filled with stones and shaped into a fence or retaining type structure. Gabion fencing is now the latest fad in residential fencing and soil retention solutions and is specified by many building designers and architects for new houses and renovations. For the DIY person it's quite easy to construct and can look fabulous.

How to choose a new fence. Five important tips when selecting a pool or boundary fence.

How to choose pool fencing. Although there is a huge array of pool fencing options on the market, the task of picking the best option for your pool area does not need to be daunting. For starters...

Green walls. A green wall is basically a vertical garden bed (and they are often referred to as vertical gardens). Green walls are a relatively new trend, that is not only space efficient but equally productive as traditional ground based gardens...

Fertilisers. The advantage of manures and composts is that they also improve the texture of the soil in your garden. The advantage of fertilisers is that they are measurable, can be distributed more accurately and are faster acting...

Composting. One of the most important elements in landscaping is composting, if your soil is unhealthy you have little chance of producing healthy plants...

Too much rain. Lots of tips on how to handle excess water in your garden.

External Privacy Screens. Since the late 1990's they have become more popular and more decorative; with both contemporary and traditional materials being used. So what type of screen is right for your backyard? Here's an easy 4 step guide.

Bio pools. Bio pools or Natural Swimmming Pools are an attractive & environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional swimming pools.

Bulletproof landscape plants. Not all plants are equal. Many require the soil and climate (amongst other things) to be 'just right'. The plants described in this article are the ones that deserve the title of 'bulletproof' and are a good starting point for an easy-care garden.

General gardening articles

Native plant articles

Plant lists

Listed below are links to wep pages that contain lists of plants that meet common search criteria (e.g. shade loving or drought tolerant).

Various Australian flowering plants
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