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Managing Director Angela Elliss with Les Smith, Master Builder

Les Smith, Master Builder: I own a residential building company and knew very little about the Internet and how it could benefit my business. Within the first 3 months of advertising we signed 3 contracts totaling $660,000.

My business would be dead without my advertising on the Home Design Directory.

How our readers find your advertising

  • We are article focused and search engine optimise all our web pages to attract readers - your potential clients.
  • Readers find our articles & directory listings on page one of Google for 100's of home design & construction related search terms. While readers are viewing our articles they see our advertisers information and make contact with you.

Why advertise with us?

It's all about your business! Your advertising will:

  • Increase qualified traffic to your website
  • Increase your exposure on the Internet
  • Increase the number of leads you get
  • Receive up to 50,000 ad impressions per month
  • Be constantly monitored & tuned to help convert traffic into sales
Home Deck Design

Online traffic


  • Up to 100,000 visitors a month
  • Over 250 professionally written articles
  • Page-one on Google for hundreds of search terms
  • Over 3,000 directory listings
  • Our Newsletter 'open' stats average over 10%

See a selection of our most popular pages below:


Advertiser testimonials

Modular Wall Systems

"We congratulate you with the success of your product. The performance of your directory in terms of traffic to our site outperforms all others, so we are very happy."

Cutout - Privacy Screens and Panels

"Over the last 6 months I have seen my websites Google statistics rise by over 50% and my conversion rate fly through the roof."

"I have the Australian Home Design Directory to thank for this, the hard work both Angela and Trevalyn have put in has been so important to my business growth. Their attention to detail and personal service has been exemplary."

"If you are serious about growing your business quickly, give the Australian Home Design Directory a call - trust me, you won't regret it."

Crockers Paint and Wallpaper

"Just to let you guys know that aside from google.com home design directory is now our largest referring website. Google analytics tells us so."

Bathroom Warehouse

"The Australian Home Design Directory has connected us with savvy online consumers who are in the market to renovate their bathroom. This direct link is an essential component of our advertising strategy and fundamental in building our web market."

advertiser testimonials

LS Building

"I have a residential building company and when I started advertising with the Australian Home Design Directory I knew very little about the Internet and how it could benefit my business. Within the first three months of advertising we signed 3 contracts totaling $660,000. The Australian Home Design Directory advertising is definitely benefiting my business".

"Now after 9 months of advertising with HDD all my current work is from the HDD, my business would be dead without it."

Grind and Shine - polished concrete floors

"Business had been so slow I got use to leaving my phone in the car. I had not undertaken any internet advertising before but since advertising with the Australian Home Design Directory I now need to carry my phone at all times as I receive at least 3 calls everyday enquiring about my services. Had I know it would work so well I would have signed up sooner."

Property Presentation Professionals

"We have a coloured add and a featured article with the Australian Home Design Directory and after only two weeks of advertising we received more enquiries than a full year of advertising with the yellow pages, we are very happy!"

Myfloor - polished concrete floors

"Yes the advertising is going really well, so well that we have taken up more advertising to feature our business further."


Send us an email and we will contact you to discuss your requirements. Or choose from one of the following and email us your choice and your budget:

  • List your business in our online directory and get leads whenever someone in your area is looking for someone with your credentials (e.g. builder). - example. Price $275.00/year including GST.
  • Direct advertising on one or more of our popular articles - example. Price depends on the popularity of the article. Minimum price $275.00/year including GST.
  • Featured article advertising, you provide the content, we publish it and promote your product or service - example. There is a once-only fee of $495/article including GST.
  • Advertise your plants or nursery on our find-a-plant tool - example. Price is a minimum of $495/year including GST and depends on how many plant pages you wish appear on.
  • Banner ads: $99 per page for 6 months. Price includes GST.

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