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Choosing good wood. This article discusses the environmental and ethical story behind the timber we buy.

Roof flashing. This article will provide you with a solid understanding about flashing types and materials, and which one is most suitable for your job.

Insulation. Insulating your roof and external walls is a great way to reduce energy loss in your home. Air pockets in the various materials used in insulation create traps that prevent air-flow...

Solar powered ventilation systems. Use solar powered ventilation systems to make your home cooler in summer and warmer & cosier in winter.

Solar power in your home. How a solar power system in the home works.

Solar hot water systems. This article gives an overview of the advantages of installing a solar hot water system. It also explains how solar hot water systems work and the various types of systems available.

Polished concrete furniture. Have a look at polished concrete furniture to enhance the look of your home - buy or make benches, counters, tub surrounds, planters, and more...

Polished concrete floors.  If we are talking ‘flavour of the year’ in architectural flooring, polished concrete would have to be ‘it’.  Not yet common place in the mass Australian housing market, polished concrete is popular in European and American residential and commercial environments.

door hardware

How to choose door handles and locks. Door hardware is an extension of your homeís personality, and selecting door hardware is a great way to give your home a new look.

Laminates. Reconstituted stone, timber veneers, doors, flooring and more.  The Laminex Group is the leading marketer, distributor and manufacturer of premium decorative surfaces in Australia and New Zealand and has a portfolio of market leading brands. This iconic Australian owned company has been around for more than 70 years.

Funky claddings. Cladding can be fun, durable and classic; you just need to be careful in your selection. Many crazy items can be used as claddings but it's the waterproofing and longevity factors that will limit your choices, not your imagination.

3D wall panels. Until recently there has been a limited selection of internal wall lining types in Australia. Many people building or renovating are unaware that there are other choices besides Gyprock. Well now there are! Three dimensional wall linings are now available in Australia. To save money you can easily install this eco-friendly product yourself.

Door screens. The issue of insect screening has long been a limiting factor to external bi-fold door specification in the modern-day building and renovation industries. The desirability of uninterrupted views and unrestricted movement in the summer months...

Fibre cement cladding. Fibre cement cladding comes in various forms but is often seen in horizontal boards, imitating wooden clapboard and in sheet form. Other formats include imitation shingles. Fibre cement cladding can be used to cover the exterior of a house...

Stainless steel. Stainless steel sheeting for both interior and exterior use is available in a wide variety of both subtle and striking finishes. Sheets can be brush, matte, reflective, mirror, satin, bead blasted or coarse abrasively finished. They are available in a variety of patterns and decorative effects and can even be custom patterned or etched...

Cement render. Traditional cement rendering is the application of a thin premixed surface of sand, cement and lime to brick, cement, stone or mud brick. It is often textured, coloured or painted after application. It is generally used on exterior walls but can be used to feature an interior wall...

American shingles. As an alternative roofing material to tiles and colourbond, consider American roofing shingles, a commonly used roofing material in Canada and the United States.

Colorbond roof sheeting. Learn about the various types, applications and profiles of this iconic Australian product.

Battens. Powder coated aluminium batten versus timber battens.

Strawbale homes. An easy to read, informative look into the financially and environmentally friendly construction method of strawbale homes.

Choosing an air conditioner. Read this article to learn about the various types of air conditioners you can buy for your home.

Hot water systems (Your alternatives). Learn about the costs, benefits and disadvantages of the three major hot water alternatives commonly available to Australians: electric, gas and solar.

Windows furnishings - your alternatives. This article explains the different types of window furnishings available normally available in Australia and lists the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Trends in air conditioning. Learn about the year's coolest technology trends in air conditioning.

Window & door articles

Choosing the right windows and doors. If you are currently building or renovating a home, than you know that there is a huge variety of window and door options out there. Windows and doors say a lot about a home. They are functional and need to perform well, yet they can also be statement pieces and express so much about who lives there. What you choose will depend on the functions you need, the style you love and the security you expect.

Aluminium windows and doors. If you are looking at buying windows and doors it is important to have a general understanding about your product before you become overwhelmed with industry jargon. Here is some information about general window construction that will give you a head start on understanding the product.

Composite windows and doors. Aluminium on the outside, timber inside, these composite windows by Timberview combine an easy to maintain powder coated aluminium exterior with warm, beautiful timber on the inside. Aluminium's durable nature eliminates exterior maintenance and performance issues such as sanding and painting, timber shrinkage, swelling and warping. Timberview composite windows and doors accommodate both single and double glazing.

Privacy screens

Decorative privacy screens. Decorative screens have a history dating back to the mid-600's in China. During the 1950's and 1960's Australia saw a strong revival in decorative privacy screens in residential and commercial architecture. Today we are enjoying another revival with strong traditional designs implemented with contemporary styles and materials.

External privacy screens. Internal decorative privacy screens first appeared in China in the mid-600's. However external privacy screens are a more recent phenomenon. They began to appear in Australian residential and commercial building during the 1950's and 1960's, as a direct result of high density living and higher incomes. Since the late 1990ís they have become more popular and more decorative; with both contemporary and traditional materials being used.

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