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Tips on how to redecorate your bathroom on a budget

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1. Pick a Theme

The first thing to do is to pick a theme. This could be something like a beach theme where you add shells, beach towels, a shower curtain with a beach scene etc. While some themes can be timeless, be careful of longevity. Trendy themes such as recent movies or hobbies are appealing, especially for a child's bathroom, but when those interests fade, you'll be back looking at redecorating again.

2. Change the colour

As with any room, changing the colour of your bathroom can have a dramatic affect. Selecting the new colour for your bathroom should be the first step in redecorating, as the other steps will be based around the new colour. Painting a bathroom is a quick job as it is small and can easily be finished in one or two days.

3. Accessorise

Adding accessories can really improve and highlight the overall affect. Adding accessories in a similar or contrasting colour to your walls will really stand out. Some items to consider are:

  • Towels
  • Candles
  • Soap holder or dispenser
  • Tooth brush holder
  • Plants
  • Ornaments that go with the theme eg shells
  • Incense or potpourri
  • Interesting collections such as different shaped bottles or soaps

4. Add Pictures

In most bathrooms, there is usually a place where you can add pictures - even the smallest wall space can draw the eye with the addition of a few interesting or funny pictures. Photos of the family can also add that personal feeling to a 'cold' bathroom.

5. Shower Curtain

If you have an existing shower curtain, replacing it with a bright and vibrant curtain can really give your bathroom a lift. Consider looking for a Tie-Back that will go with the theme of the bathroom eg shell-rope in a beach-themed bathroom.

6. Fixtures

If you can afford it, replacing the fixtures in a bathroom can be very effective. Shiny new taps can stand out and give an overall look and feel of newness. In the same way, changing the handles or knobs on your cabinets to match your theme can really look great and give that finished touch.

7. Tiles

Retile Your BathroomIf the tiles in your bathroom are dated, consider changing their colour instead of retiling. Removing existing tiles can be a challenging job, one that can require a lot of extra work as the walls may need replastering afterwards. There are a number of paint suppliers now producing tile paints that work really well and can transform old and dated tiles into new and exciting colours. If this task still seems to big, consider removing and changing the odd tile with a themed tile here and there. Another way to brighten up existing tiles is to consider regroutting or use a grout pen to whiten and freshen up the existing grout.

8. Edging Tiles

If your bathroom is already tiled, changing or adding new edging tile can give a great affect. Try to add tiles in a colour that contrasts with the walls and exiting tiles.

9. Mirrors

Mirrors are a welcome addition in any bathroom. A collection of small mirrors in decorative frames can add glamour and warmth to a bathroom. They also reflect light making the space appear larger and brighter .

10. Towel Holders

A bathroom with limited towel holders can look cluttered and unkempt. Screw a few decorative towel holders into the wall and you'll be amazed at how much more friendly it looks.