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What happens in a Feng Shui consultation?

The external environment is very important in Feng Shui - it plays about 70% in the overall analysis.  A Feng Shui practitioner should view the external areas around your property first to determine what type of Qi your property is or not receiving.

There are many techniques in Feng Shui ie San Yuen, San He and Xuan Kong to name a few that are or can be used in an analysis.  It is only when the external is evaluated then the practitioner will view the internal layout of the premises - which equates to about 30% of your overall Feng Shui.

What does Feng Shui mean?

Feng means wind and Shui means water. The definition of Feng Shui is “The energy (Qi) of the dragon (mountain) will be dispersed by wind and will stop at the boundary of water”. Water is important in Feng Shui because it carries the Qi in the environment. Water is classified as yang as it is always moving eg the rivers, oceans and streams. Mountains are classified as yin because they do not move. Feng Shui is harnessing the good Qi in your environment and negating the effects of the negative Qi. The major benefit is a healthy and prosperous environment to live in.

Feng Shui adopts the principles of balance – yin and yang. The earth’s gravity, electromagnetic fields and its surrounding constellations all have control over our lives. Classical Feng Shui is about identifying the Qi in your environment and tapping into this Qi to assist us in our goals.  Classical Feng Shui is not about interior design, decoration, colour or items.

Analysing your home

When should I have a Feng Shui analysis done of my property? Many of those who ask this question have already moved into their home or commercial premises and if things are going well in your relationships, career, health and wealth it is best to leave things alone.  But if you are facing any of the following issues it is time to seek some Feng Shui advice:

  • Issues with saving money – money seems to come in and then goes straight out again
  • Legal issues
  • Career issues
  • Relationship issues and this could include problems conceiving
  • Any other unexpected issues that have cropped out
  • After moving into new premises things seem to have gone wrong
  • After renovating there seems to be issues and obstacles cropping up all the time

Analysing a potential home

In the ideal world the best time to have a Feng Shui analysis done is when you are first looking for a property to buy for living, for investment purposes or for renting.

The real estate mantra – Location, Location, Location is a Feng Shui consultant’s mantra as well.

Property history

A good tip is to find out why the property is up for sale e.g. if it is a commercial property and they have outgrown the space and they are moving to larger premises the energy is positive. Always check who your neighbour’s are – you just never know who you are moving in next to. For a residential property if it is up for sale because of a divorce in the family you may want to think again.

Weighing up the Feng Shui options

Picture this, you have moved into your dream home after many months of searching only to find that after a Feng Shui analysis the property has some major Feng Shui flaws which will require some major renovation work. Why buy a property that needs to have some work done when you can buy a property that is already good and simply needs a few changes to be made better.

Engage a professional

When you engage a Feng Shui consultant they will also check your Bazi (Chinese Astrology) in a consultation – if your destiny shows that you are going through a bit of a rough patch you will select a home that reflects this, if you are going through a period of good luck the property you choose will be prosperous for you. One cannot change their destiny and this is where Feng Shui comes in to help you overcome these obstacles that are caused by your environment and enables you to enhance the quality of your day to day living.