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Home Decor Trends for 2017

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Example lounge decor by Spotlight

Example lounge decor by Spotlight

Example kitchen decor by Spotlight

Example kitchen decor by Spotlight

Home decor ideas by Spotlight

Home decor ideas by Spotlight

Home decoration ideas by Spotlight

Home decoration ideas by Spotlight

2016 is almost over and many people are already considering giving their home a good makeover. If you are considering transforming your home in 2017, we can certainly recommend reading on and discovering the home décor trends for the coming year. Say goodbye to your old home, because these tips and hints will make your living space look fabulous!

Warm Materials Are Back in Style

Those who appreciate traditional home décor will love 2017, because warmer colours and materials are back in style from giant retailer Spotlight Stores. Wood is a good example of a warm material, since this material brings a lot of warmth and a cosy feeling into your home. However, there are many other warm materials that are hip once more.

In addition to the traditional wood, there are some other materials to look forward to this year. One of these other materials is terracotta, a surprising addition to popular trends for 2017. Predominantly popular in the 80s, terracotta was mainly used as a material for floor tiles. However, interior designers recommend terracotta for fireplaces and even feature walls in bathrooms next year.

The main reason why terracotta is making a comeback is the character this material can give to your home. Just like wood, terracotta adds warmth and more character to a home, so it is expected that terracotta and wood are likely to replace the contemporary black and white colours for the next couple of years.

Corky Benefits

When we think about cork, we often think about bulletin boards and the corks on wine bottles, however, cork is also a recommended material for your home improvements in 2017. Cork is especially recommended for open plan homes this year, since the material has some great noise absorption qualities.

There are many applications for cork in your home, from solid cork stools to a nice cork side table. However, the applications for cork do not stop here, because cork is also recommended for one of the walls in your office. If you often struggle with an excessive amount of noise in your office because of an open floor plan, upgrading one of your interior walls with a nice cork layer may not be such a bad idea.

Welcome Back to Green

Blue and navy may have been popular interior decoration colours over the past decade, but interior designers are saying goodbye to these options in 2017. Remarkably, the colour that is returning for 2017 is green, which can mainly be seen in upholstery and bedding options.

Fortunately, you do not have to paint your home green to have a trendy house in the coming year. All you need to do is go shopping for some green cushions, bedding or upholstery to place that modern accent in your home. Of course, it is advised to combine green fabrics with the right fixture materials. For example, brass lamps work well with green upholstery and bed linen.

Fabric Headboards

Traditional is not only coming back in colour and wall materials, but also for furniture materials. Fabric headboards especially are expected to be a big hit in 2017.

The goal of a fabric headboard is adding a dramatic effect to your bedroom. One of the first things that draws attention in your bedroom is the bed. Upgrading your bed with a large, fabric headboard can certainly place the accent you have been looking for. You will have plenty of options as well, since many stores are stocking up on them and getting ready to offer you some great deals.

Tech-Free Environments

This trend may seem a little odd in this modern day and age, but an increasingly large number of people are incorporating a tech-free room in the house. Understandably, because when you are living a busy lifestyle, you simply need a place where there are no phones or computers to disturb you. If you want to incorporate such a room in your home, you could transform a part of your home into a reading room, lounge or another relaxing environment where you can switch off for a moment.


Women are going to love this trend, because adding gem-like materials to the interior of your home is also a recommendation for 2017. Materials such as quartz, lucite and opal instantly add sparkle and class to your home, and are quite affordable when you compare them to other popular materials from the past, for example marble.

In addition to sparkling materials, metals are still being used in the modern home of 2017. However, they are no longer modern materials that cover the entire home. Instead, interior designers use these materials to place some jewel-toned accents in living rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms.

There are many exciting trends waiting in 2017, so there has never been a more perfect time to transform your home than this year. Are you tired of the streamlined and impersonal modern home environments? Then 2017 will be your year!