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Modern stained and fused glass

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Most people in Australia think of stained glass as something that only suits period homes like Federation, Californian bungalow or churches; they don't generally consider it a suitable feature of a contemporary designed building. But stained glass doesn't just have to be Roses, Diamonds and Waratahs! The majority of stained glass seems to be installed in beveled front door panels. These are often mass produced in Asia and are an 'off theshelf' products that are generally poor in design and strength.

Fused Glass

Fused Glass

In the UK and Europe stained glass is being used in many newly designed and constructed buildings, many new techniques are used in the construction of modern stained glass such as fused glass, screen printed decals and the use of UV sensitive adhesives to bond pieces of glass rather than using traditional lead. Older traditional techniques such as acid etching, glass painting and staining and sandblasting are also utilised by glass artists in persuit of a unique contemporary design. Even period homes in the UK often contain contemporary designed stained glass enhancing the space and creating an exciting contrast between the old and the new.

From the smallest panel to a large commission, like a stairwell window, stained glass can bring to a building a unique and inspiring quality be it your home or a public space.

Here are a few points to consider when deciding on commissioning a new stained glass window:

Cost of fused and stained glass

Fused Glass

Stained Glass

Both Stained and Fused Glass is not a cheap option but it can add so much value and pleasure to a building for many years to come, if designed and built by an experienced stained glass artist. Decide on your budget and the artist will be able to work around that. Size will obviously determine most of the price but often the choice of design will also influence the final cost. Simple geometric designs can still be as beautiful as more busy complicated ones and will cost less. Discuss with the artist what options are available to suit your budget. Most Stained glass studios in the Sydney area charge between $1600 - $2000 per sq metre depending on design. Installation will cost extra so be clear on that price too. Even the simplest design can be a worthwhile enhancement to a building with a skilled artist utilizing contrasting and complimentary colours and textures in glass to produce a stunning and original window.

Designer/stained glass artist:

Chose an artist with experience! It takes many years to become accomplished at designing and constructing stained glass windows, look for someone with at least 10 years experience, has a portfolio that appeals to you and who is experienced in installation.


This article was written and provided by Indigo Stained Glass.

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