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DIY home building inspection

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As a potential homebuyer it is easy to miss the obvious signs of construction problems on your first viewing.   If you are not planning a professional to assess the condition of your building it is essential to organise a second viewing and assess the building from a non-emotion position.

Go through our DIY building inspection checklist to develop a better understanding of your potential home.  If you have more rooms than indicated in the checklist  just print off an extra page that is similar to the ones provided.

Things you will need

  1. A pencil, eraser, paper and clipboard
  2. Small electrical item to test power points
  3. A bottle of water (it’s thirsty work)
  4. One small garden spade
  5. Level
  6. Hammer
  7. Screw driver

After your complete the building inspection

If you feel unsure about anything you have found don’t hesitate to speak with a building professional (builder, engineer, pest inspector).  An architect, building designer or licenced builder is usually the best person to speak to initially as they have a good understanding of building structure and can refer you to the appropriate professional.

Good luck, we hope your potential home passes your scrutiny.