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Fly screens for bi-fold and stacker sliding doors

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Stylish insect screens for large openings

Today many Australian renovations and new homes commonly include large (and non-standard) window and door openings. This is a modern trend allowing uninterrupted views and seamless living between inside and outside spaces, but what about the bugs? Standard insect screens just don't work with bi-fold or concertina doors, stacker sliding doors or even French doors. "So what are my options" you may ask? Well there are two options to choose from and both are available fully installed or in DIY packs.

1. Retractable screens doors

Retractable screens are integrated into the sides of door units and can suit openings as wide as 5.8 meters and as high as 3 meters. Retractable screens are available in DIY packs and come in three opening formats:

1.Double screen horizontal

This design has two screens that meet vertically in the middle (used for windows and doors)

2. Single screen horizontal

This design has one screen that opens from the side of the door jam (used for windows and doors)

3. Single screen vertical

This screen design opens vertically from the window sill (used for window openings)

There are many manufactures that now offer retractable type solutions and it's wise to try them in the showroom before you purchase. Rectractables look and generally work the same but there are a few things you should be aware of.

  • Ease of use - Ensure the screen is easy for all members of your family to operate. Many retractable screens have strong magnetic closing strips and can be difficult for even adults to open.
  • Safety - Some retractable screens work on a strong spring powered system. This can be a problem if you have children using the screen door as the screen tends to spring back fast into the screen housing case.

2. Drop screens

Drop screens are simple and effective insect barriers. They can screen any door or window opening size and work much like a curtain. Drop screens are however not 100% insect proof and are designed to keep out a significant amount of insects while allowing uninhibited access by children and pets.

These bug screens come in single or multiple screen panels and can be adjusted as required. Drop screen systems are installed onto the wall, directly above the door head.

The modern trend of installing large windows and doors can really accentuate views to the outside or provide seamless  access from inside to outside. Years ago there were no options for screening large door openings (not even French doors). But now there is a huge choice on the market and there will be one to suite your opening type. Just search the Internet on words like: "fly screens for large openings" and "insect screens for bi-folds stacker sliding doors". You can also email us and we can refer you to a screen company that can help you.

Drop screens can be purchased in home decor and hardware stores.