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modern lounge

Modern lounge

modern chair designs

Modern chairs

suprisingly comfortable woven chair

Suprisingly comfortable
woven chair

ancient egyptian folding chair

Ancient egyptian folding chair

Furniture plays both a functional role in our lives and a decorative role. Furniture can also serve a symbolic or religious purpose. Domestic furniture works to create comfortable, ergonomic and visually pleasing interior spaces. Furniture can be made from many materials including glass, metal, plastic and wood; however by far the most popular material used to make furniture is wood.

To learn more about the practical side of furniture selection, arrangement and styles read the articles listed below.

A list of helpful furniture articles

What type of furniture should I buy? How do you select furniture and know that it will work for you? Follow these steps and you too will create a room that reflects your individuality and feels right for your home...

Furniture styles. Well-chosen furniture will create comfortable, ergonomic and visually pleasing interior spaces that reflect your own personality and style. You will naturally gravitate to a certain style of furniture. Once you have your style, you need to be consistent and stick to it...

How to arrange furniture. Follow these steps and your will furniture will appear inviting, comfortable, facilitate conversation and flatter your best pieces...

Polished concrete furniture. Polished concrete furniture can have the same look as marble - and there are many ways to make the finish of your concrete furniture or benchtop unique, as well as long lasting. Today homeowners are turning to polished concrete to enhance the look of their homes - with benches, bench tops, tub surrounds, planters, and more...

Furniture facts & trivia

Origin of the word 'furniture'

The word "furniture" comes from the French word "fourniture" which means equipment. According to the Miriam-Webster dictionary the word has been used in written English since at least 1542.

A historical perspective of furniture

Furniture produced in the past 5000 years has not undergone innovative development in any functional sense. An Egyptian folding stool dating from about 1500 BCE fulfills the same functional requirements and possesses the same basic features as a modern folding stool. Only since the mid-20th century, with entirely new synthetic materials such as plastic and completely new fabrication techniques such as casting, have there been signs of a radical revision of the concept of furniture. (Source: Encyclopedia Britannica)