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adenanthos cuneatus coral carpet 1.png

1. Flame Bush   (Adenanthos cuneatus)
        Cultivar/variety: 'Coral Carpet'

This delightful ground cover features beautifully textured colourful foliage that provides a year round highlight in the garden. Best in coastal areas of Western Australia but also grows well in well drained soils in other parts of southern Australia. It small red flowers are not...
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adenanthos cuneatus_flat out 001

2. Jugflower   (Adenanthos cuneatus)
        Cultivar/variety: 'Flat Out'

The totally prostrate habit combined with the texture and colour of the foliage are the outstanding features of this fantastic Western Australian plant. It is best used as a ground cover to spill over embankments or rockeries, or as weeping standard grafted plant. Whilst the...
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adenanthos sericeus woolly bush 004

3. Woolly Bush   (Adenanthos sericeus)

The wonderful soft, velvet-like texture and the silver coloured foliage are the outstanding features of this species. From the south coast of Western Australia, this plant is best suited to areas of southern Australia that have a Mediterranean climate (ie dry summers) rather than the...
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adenanthos sericeus copper glow 002

4. Woolly Bush   (Adenanthos sericeus)
        Cultivar/variety: 'Copper Glow'

The soft, silvery foliage is irresistible to touch and feel and in this cultivar, it has a very distinct and beautiful coppery-coloured tinge on the ends of the branches. It forms a beautiful upright shrub that makes an excellent feature or pot plant for gardens...
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