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alpinia purpurata_ginger federation lady

1. Ornamental ginger   (Alpinia purpurata)
        Cultivar/variety: 'Federation Lady'

Alpinia 'Federation Lady' is a perennial, clumping tropical plant with beautiful pink long lasting flowers. It grows from a rhizome, and has attractive broad green leaves. It will flower from spring to autumn, and all year round in warmer areas. It is a magnificent cut...
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alpinia spicata_indian head ginger

2. Indian head ginger, Ornamental ginger   (Alpinia spicata)

Alpinia spicata, or Indian Head Ginger, is a herbaceous tropical perennial plant that grows from rhizomes. It is one of the easiest of the ornamental gingers to grow. It has tropical looking foliage with leaves that spiral around the main stem. It also has...
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alpinia vittata_ginger clump

3. Marble ginger, Striped narrow leaf ginger, Ornamental ginger   (Alpinia vittata)

Alpinia vittata, also known as marble ginger, is an ornamental ginger. It is a tropical, clumping perennial plant that grows from a rhizome. It has narrow dark green leaves with bold cream and white striped variegations. Large clumps produce pendulous pink flowers. It is best...
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alpinia zerumbet_shell ginger clump

4. Shell ginger   (Alpinia zerumbet)

Alpinia zerumbet, shell ginger, is a perennial, clumping tropical plant that grows from a rhizome. It has arching sprays of delicate flowers that resemble sea shells. The flowers are white tipped with pink, with a red and yellow throat. It is a more cold hardy...
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