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SELECT id, scientific_name, cultivar_name, common_name, description FROM plant WHERE 1 = 1 AND scientific_name LIKE '%Ananas%' ORDER BY scientific_name LIMIT 0, 20

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ananas comosus_pineapple

1. Pineapple   (Ananas comosus)

The pineapple is in the bromeliad family, and are a short-lived perennial plant well known for the edible fruit that it bears. It is a tropical to sub-tropical plant, and needs hot conditions to flower and fruit. It will flower 12-18 months after planting, and...
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2. Strawberry   (Fragaria x ananassa)

Strawberries are a herbaceous short-lived perennial, prized for the delicious fruit that it bears mainly in spring to autumn. They have white flowers, and there is also a pink flowered variety. Strawberries need a slightly acidic, well drained, rich soil and regular watering to produce well....
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