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SELECT id, scientific_name, cultivar_name, common_name, description FROM plant WHERE 1 = 1 AND scientific_name LIKE '%Apium%' ORDER BY scientific_name LIMIT 0, 20

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apium graveolens_celery_734

1. Celery   (Apium graveolens)

Celery is an annual plant, grown for the tasty, nutritious and useful stems and seeds. It can be difficult to grow well, but is worth a place in the vegetable garden. Celery prefers a friable loamy, slightly acidic soil, but will grow in a wide...
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sapium sebiferum_chinese tallow tree

2. Chinese tallow tree   (Sapium sebiferum)

Sapium sebiferum, the Chinese tallow tree, is a hardy and adaptable medium sized, deciduous tree. It grows to around 8 metres high and wide, and has heart shaped leaves which colour yellow to reddish purple in autumn. It is open and pyramid shaped, and is a good...
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