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SELECT id, scientific_name, cultivar_name, common_name, description FROM plant WHERE 1 = 1 AND scientific_name LIKE '%Zea%' ORDER BY scientific_name LIMIT 0, 20

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1. Kunzea   (Kunzea ambigua)
        Cultivar/variety: 'Pink'

A hardy upright shrub to 3 metres with small heath like leaves. It has fluffy pink flowers borne from spring to summer, attractive to butterflies and insects. It is frost and drought resistant. A useful screening shrub. Best in well drained soil in a...
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kunzea ambigua_rivan

2. Kunzea, Tick bush   (Kunzea ambigua)
        Cultivar/variety: 'Rivan'

Kunzea ambigua 'Rivan' is a compact, dense shrub to 2 metres tall and wide, with prolific flowering in springtime. The blooms are small and white, sweetly fragrant, attract small insects and native bees, and provide a habitat for small birds. It is a tough and...
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kunzea baxteri crimson kunzea 002

3. Crimson Kunzea   (Kunzea baxteri)

Crimson Kunzea is outstanding for its showy bright red bottlebrush flower heads that appear sporadically for most of the year. It is a small to medium shrub that has a spreading habit. It makes a good feature plant but the fine foliage also makes it...
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Kunzea ericoides snowman 1

4. Kunzea   (Kunzea ericoides)
        Cultivar/variety: 'Snowman'

Kunzea 'Snowman' is a great native alternative to English box for formal gardens. It is a dense and compact dwarf shrub with attractive dark green foliage, with naturally tight growth, which also responds well to pruning and shaping. It has masses of small white flowers in...
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zea mays_sweet corn 001

5. Sweet corn, maize   (Zea mays)

Sweet corn is a variety of maize that has a high sugar content that makes it a much tastier vegetable for human consumption. It is a fast growing annual member of the grass family that usually takes 3-4 months to grow and crop from seed....
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