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Finding the right bathroom lights

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Bathroom lighting is very important for several reasons, but doesn't usually get a great deal of consideration.

Good lighting in the bathroom is not only essential for safety but also for providing pleasing ambiance to a room which is often viewed as a space of relaxation and pampering. Too often overly bright lights are installed in bathrooms, creating an unflattering atmosphere, blinding vision and generally inadequate lighting for the most simple of bathroom activities.

Outlined below is a quick guide to help you find the most appropriate lights that will best suit your bathroom area.

Before we start, it’s important for you to understand the different types of light:

  • Ambient light: This type of light generally sets the mood for the room and takes the place of daylight.
  • Task light: This is any light that that increases the visibility in part of a room and helps the performance of any tasks.
  • Accent light: This is controlled lighting that is used to highlight interior features of a room.

Finding the right bathroom lights

Bathroom Ceiling Lights

A well-positioned ceiling light will ensure the bathroom has sufficient ambient light.

Many suppliers offer light fittings that are well shielded and designed to be located out of reach. Bathroom ceiling lights are often completely encased, to protect against shorting and the risk of electric shocks.

More recently, ambient pendant lighting in bathrooms is gaining a following. Traditionally, pendant fittings have not been used in bathrooms. The installation of this type of light needs great consideration for the possible risks mentioned above.

Eglo-Brown-Sugar-Handmade-Glass-Pendant-Light                 Mercator-Trillo-1-Light-Flex-Pendant                 Mercator-Virgo-Pendant-Light

  1. To prevent pendant lights shorting, ensure your bathroom has excellent ventilation which is in operation at all times. Ventilation could be from windows or a fan.
  2. Domus-Slotter-Recessed-Downlight
  3. To prevent electric shocks, ensure that your light fitting cannot be reached. It is strongly advised you discuss the height of the light you choose with your electrician and the supplier of the fitting.

More traditional Ceiling lights in the bathroom, such as Heater lights are still very popular, as are Down lights and Spot Lights.

Vanity lights

Vanity lighting is the most important task lighting area in your bathroom. It is important to choose a unit that will give you a concentrated form of daylight. You could either consult your lighting supplier and your electrician, or possibly speak with a lighting consultant.




Bathroom Wall Lights:

Wall lighting is the ideal way to complement your bathroom wall mirrors as well as the ambient light created by the ceiling lights.

Wall lights can be quite versatile. They also provide much needed variety in the bathroom. They come in many attractive shapes and sizes and add to the decorative effect in your bathroom.

A wide selection of Wall lights can be viewed here, courtesy of OzLighting.

Important points to remember

  1. Ensure your ambient lighting has dimmers so you can adjust the lighting to your mood.
  2. Keep your light switches in handy and safe locations.
  3. Think about what you will be doing when you need to alter your lighting requirements.
  4. Discuss all this with your electrician.

Thank you to Ozlighting for their information on bathroom lighting. You can view Ozlightings full range of bathroom lighting on their website.