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Here we have provided a few sample pages from a full construction specification document that building designers and architects produce for clients.

1.1 LICENCE The Contractor and all Sub-contractors are to be licensed as required by law.


The Contract is to be carried out in accordance with the standard form of contract agreement General Conditions of Contract (AS2124-1992) issued by the Standards Association of Australia.


All material and labour costs and the Contractor's margin are to include applicable Goods & Services Tax (GST).


Tenderers are to advise with their price a period of construction of the new building and this may be taken into account in assessing the most suitable contractor for the work.


The Contractor and all Sub-contractors are to visit the site of the works to acquaint themselves with all conditions relating to their work. No claims arising from neglect of this procedure will be admitted by the Supervisor.


All variations to the Contract will be conveyed to the Contractor by the Supervisor by letter or in site note form. No variations are to proceed without authorisation. The Contractor is to advise any cost increases and extensions of the construction period which may be caused by any variations to the Contract prior to proceeding with variation work.


The Contractor is to satisfactorily repair any damage to the buildings, existing service lines, or adjoining property incurred by his workmen during progress of the work. It is the Contractor's responsibility to determine the locations of existing underground services and to take adequate steps to avoid damage during the progress of the work.


The Contractor is to make temporary arrangements for site water supply, electricity supply and the storage of tools, equipment and materials for the duration of the Works. The Contractor is to provide a temporary toilet and washroom facility located in a suitable position on site and connected to the sewer. (See also Clause 1.29). It is the Contractor's responsibility to keep the washroom facilities in a clean and tidy condition at all times.

1.9 INSURANCES The Contractor is to insure the Works against fire and all other risks for the duration of the Contract Period. The Contractor is to insure in the joint names of himself and the Owner against Public Risk and arrange indemnification in respect of his liability under the Workers Compensation Act of NSW The Contractor is to arrange for Home Owners Warranty insurance in accordance with the requirements of Part 6 of the Home Building Act 1989.


The Contractor is required to cover up and protect the whole of the works from damage caused by weather.


The Contractor shall submit applications for progress payments to the Supervisor at the end of the first four weeks work and thereafter at monthly intervals or as may be otherwise agreed. When requested, applications are to be accompanied by wage sheets, delivery dockets, invoices or other information relevant to the costs of labour and materials claimed. Claims are to include for authorised variations to Contract carried out in the preceding month.


A sum equal to 5% of each Progress Claim will be retained by the Owner until the Date of Practical Completion, after which date one half of this Retention Sum will be released and the remainder held until expiration of the Defects Liability Period. Alternatively, the Builder may provide security in the form of two Bank Guarantees, each such guarantee being for a sum equal to 2.5% of the Contract Sum.

1.13 P.C. ITEMS

Refer to the Schedules at the back of this Specification and allow in the Tender Price the sums stated opposite the various items for the supply only of these items. The Tender Sum is to include the Contractor's allowance for the complete installation of all P.C. Items where applicable. In the final account, the P.C. Sums listed in the Schedule will be adjusted against the nett costs of the Contractor in the manner set out in the Contract Agreement.


Refer to the Schedules and allow in the Tender Price the sums stated opposite the various items of work and materials. In the final account the actual costs of these items to the Contractor will be adjusted against the Provisional Sums allowed in accordance with the Contract Agreement.


Work under this Part comprises the installation complete of all waste and stormwater drainage, sanitary plumbing, hot and cold water service, grey water system and installation of all sanitary fixtures and fitments.


Carry out the whole of the soil and waste water drainage in strict accordance with this Specification, the regulations of the relevant Local Government Ordinance(s), Council By-Laws and any specific requirements of the Local Inspector. The whole of the work under this Part is to be carried out by or under direct supervision of a fully licensed Plumber and Drainer. After inspection, testing and approval, cover pipe runs by back-filling with sand to a minimum 75 mm depth above the pipe collars before placing the remaining depth of approved filling material. All existing drainage lines, disturbed, damaged and/or altered during the construction of the new building shall be made good, as required. Drawings showing hydraulic services show the general layout and are diagrammatic only. The Contractor is to prepare detailed layouts of services in conjunction with other trades, and to approval of the Local inspector.


Refer to Engineers Drawings. Surface run-off and where possible sub-surface drainage, is to be collected in a system of charged in-ground PVC pipework and directed to the stormwater silt-trap pit. Drain pit into adjoining Public Reserve water-course with 150 diam PVC pipe and suitable anti-erosion devices as directed on site.


Roofwater drainage is to firstly be directed into the rainwater tank located under the building. Supply and install a 5,000 litre rainwater storage tank where shown on plan. Refer to Gosford City Council's "Guidelines For The Installation Of Rainwater Tanks" and install the system in full compliance with this document and the requirements of Council's Development Control Plan No. 165 (DCP.165). Tank to be fitted with a first flow diversion device to inlet. Provide overflow pipes connected to inground SW drainage to flow to principal detention tank. Reticulate rainwater to all down-stream garden hosecocks and to lower level toilet cistern. Provide top-up water supply to tank controlled by a float-operated switch.


Where shown on the drawings, stormwater pits shall be precast concrete with fitted grated lids equal to C.I. & D. Precast Pty Ltd Model DPM 450 x 450 x 600 deep. Inlets and outlet pipes are to be placed in recessed knock-out sections of pit walls and inverts set min. 75mm above bottom of pit to form silt-trap. Provide removable galvanised steel basket.


To cross driveway where shown on plan, provide and install a heavy duty grated pre-cast concrete drainage trench equal to C.I. & D. Precast Pty Ltd Model No. TD3, full width and fitted with lengths of 610 x 225 x 20mm cast iron grating. Provide 90mm diam. PVC SW pipe drainage outlet and connect to stormwater system.


Supply and connect all waste drainage from soil and wastes and fixtures. Provide all necessary pipes, junctions, bends, back vents, gullies etc., and connect to existing sewer main. Allow for all excavation, backfilling, testing and sundry equipment required to complete the installation. Provide and lay runs of PVC drain pipes of required diameters in straight runs, bedded solid on the barrel and with uniform falls. Make all jointing in accordance with current SAA Code. Insert inspection eyes at junctions and in straight runs where directed but not more than 9m intervals. Connect all waste to inground waste-water collection tank where shown on the drawings. Provide and install a submersible maserating pump and connect 50mm steel rising line to sewer manhole in Macdonald Street.