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Colorbond roof sheeting

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Become enlightened!

You may think that you know plenty about this age old and well used product but many people are still in the dark about the various types, applications and profiles of this product.

What is Colorbond?

Colorbond is a steel sheet product coated in a zinc and aluminium alloy coating with a baked on top coat of exterior paint.

History of Colorbond

Colorbond's history starts back in England in 1843 when John Lysaght introduced corrugated iron to Australia. It was a galvanised iron product with a zinc coating and in 1966 the first Colorbond product was manufactured in Port Kembla, Wollongong on the south-east coast of Australia.

Lysaghts now has many competitors: companies such as Stramit, Metroll, Fielders and Steeline located in Australian have virtually identical products. Have a look at this website for a comparison: SteelSelect.com.au

Applications and colours.

There are three Colorbond applications and depending on the location of your property you maybe be limited as to what colours you can choose from.

  1. Standard comes in 20 different colours and can be used in most areas not affected by salt or industrial elements
  2. Ultra comes in 6 colours and is for use in coastal and industrial areas
  3. Stainless comes in 4 colours only and is used in developments with in 100 metres from surf spray and heavily affected industrial areas

Cost correlates with the above, stainless being the most expensive. If you choose the cheaper standard in a salt environment you will be replacing your roof often.

Also remember you maybe limited to colour choice if your local council requires you to specify a non reflective or light colour to minimise glare or heat absorption - BASIX compliance in NSW.

Residential profiles.

Most people think of Custom Orb as the only Colorbond profile, but as you can see below there are more, there is even one thats looks like tile!

              Austech tile profile

So next time you hear the name Colorbond you will not be thinking "Oh that's corrugated sheeting". Instead you will be comparing prices, determining whether or not its be durable enough for your location, deciding on a profile and asking whether or not it will comply with BASIX.

Good luck on your Colorbond quest!