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abelia grandiflora_bumble bee

1. Abelia   (Abelia grandiflora)
        Cultivar/variety: 'Bumble Bee'

Abelia grandiflora 'Bumble Bee'  is a hardy evergreen medium to large shrub with a graceful, arching habit. It has white flowers tinged with mauve, and the flowers are lightly fragrant and are attractive to butterflies. The foliage is glossy and dense and colours in autumn. Abelias are...
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abelia x grandiflora_abelia kaleidoscope plant

2. Abelia   (Abelia x grandiflora)
        Cultivar/variety: 'Kaleidoscope'

Abelia 'Kaleidoscope' is a selected form of the popular and hardy Abelia shrub. It has brightly coloured variegated foliage that changes with the seasons, offering interest throughout the year. In spring, the new growth is light green with bright yellow leaf edgings. In summer, as the...
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abutilon_chinese lantern_1

3. Chinese lantern   (Abutilon)

A fast growing decorative shrub with pendulous flowers which resemble hanging lanterns, in various colours from pink, red, orange, yellow and white. It is long flowering, in warmer climates they can flower all year round. Best in sub-tropical areas and also for temperate climates....
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abutilon megapotamica_chinese lantern_2

4. Chinese Lantern, Trailing Abutilon   (Abutilon megapotamicum)

A hardy shrub with pendulous yellow bell flowers with contrasting orange-red caps, it grows to around two and a half metres high and wide. Long flowering from spring through to autumn, best in a sub-tropical climate, but can be also be grown in temperate areas....
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Acacia acinacea Pot o Gold 2

5. Gold Dust Wattle   (Acacia acinacea)
        Cultivar/variety: 'Pot o'Gold'

A low dense spreading mounded shrub.  Soft rounded leaves on graceful stems which are covered in golden balls in spring and early summer.  A handsome landscape accent; plant along path edges for a soft mounded hedge effect, amongst bold rockwork, or in large containers for...
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Acacia baileyana Prostrate 1

6. Cootamundra Wattle   (Acacia baileyana)
        Cultivar/variety: 'Prostrate'

Acacia baileyana 'Prostrate' is a great ground covering dense plant, that has feathery silver-grey bipinnate foliage with masses of spherical flower heads 1 cm in diameter in winter. A great plant for embankments and as a general ground cover. Also worth considering as a weeping...
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acacia cognata bower beauty 002.png

7. River Wattle   (Acacia cognata)
        Cultivar/variety: 'Bower Beauty'

Bower Beauty is a compact form of Acacia cognata that makes a stunning foliage plant all year round. It has graceful weeping foliage on a low and mounding shrub, and it is delightfully dense. New growth is bronze coloured, giving an added foliage bonus. Small ball-shaped flowers...
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8. River Wattle   (Acacia cognata)
        Cultivar/variety: 'Curvaceous'

A compact variety of acacia cognata that makes a stunning foliage plant all year round with its graceful weeping foliage Pale yellow globular flowerheads appear singly or in pairs in the leaf axils in spring. This species is prone to root rot in humid climates....
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9. River Wattle   (Acacia cognata)
        Cultivar/variety: 'Fettuccini'

Acacia 'Fettuccini' is a compact form of A.cognata that makes a stunning foliage plant all year round with its rippled weeping foliage which gives a wavy appearance to the plant. It is a great easy care plant for low maintenance gardens. Small ball-shaped flowers are...
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Acacia cognata Green Mist 3

10. River Wattle   (Acacia cognata)
        Cultivar/variety: 'Green Mist'

A relatively compact form of A.cognata that makes a stunning foliage plant all year round with its graceful weeping foliage. Small ball-shaped flowers are a secondary pleasure when they appear in spring. Prone to root rot in humid climates, it is at its best in...
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Acacia cognata Limelight 1

11. River Wattle   (Acacia cognata)
        Cultivar/variety: 'Limelight'

Acacia cognata 'Limelight' makes a stunning foliage plant all year round with its graceful weeping foliage. Small ball-shaped flowers are a secondary pleasure when they appear in spring. The plant will tolerate dry periods but will benefit from from some watering. For plants in tubs...
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acacia cognata dwarf mini cog

12. River Wattle   (Acacia cognata)
        Cultivar/variety: 'Mini Cog'

Acacia cognata 'Mini Cog' is a low growing wattle that makes a stunning foliage plant all year round with its graceful weeping foliage and dense bun shaped habit. It is not a prolific flowering shrub, but it is at its best as a hardy and reliable landscaping plant. Prone...
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Acacia cognata Mop top

13. River Wattle   (Acacia cognata)
        Cultivar/variety: 'Mop Top'

A low mounding dense shrub with aromatic foliage, plum-coloured new growth, and bright yellow perfumed flowers in spring, enticing small insect feeders such as wrens and thornbills to dart amongst the soft foliage. Create soft low hedging along pathways; plant in massed formation on banks...
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acacia _cultriformis waterfall 2

14. River Wattle   (Acacia cognata)
        Cultivar/variety: 'Waterfall'

A prostrate form of this very popular wattle that retains its foliage along the stem as it matures. The base from which the stems emerge will, over time, develop its own architectural character, adding to the intrigue of the plant. For dramatic impact, plant in...
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Acacia cultriformis Cascade 1

15. Knife Blade Wattle   (Acacia cultriformis)
        Cultivar/variety: 'Cascade'

A dense groundcover or cascading plant with arching or weeping stems with neatly arranged silver-grey foliage covered in clusters of golden flowers in spring. Small insect-eating birds such as wrens and thornbills will probe amongst the flowers for food. Spectacular as a curtain, cascading from...
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16. Cinnamon Wattle   (Acacia leprosa)
        Cultivar/variety: 'Scarlet Blaze'

Acacia 'Scarlet Blaze' is the famous red flowered wattle- a stand out in the normally yellow flowered Acacia family. The weeping habit of this medium shrub is also an attractive feature, and the leaves have a cinnamon fragrance when crushed. It is a hardy, low maintenance plant,...
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17. Wattle   (Acacia pravissima)
        Cultivar/variety: 'Bushwalk Baby'

Acacia 'Bushwalk baby' is a delightful low growing wattle with small wedge shaped grey leaves and yellow ball-like flowers in spring. It is perfect for rockeries or gracefully spilling out of a tub, hanging basket or over a retaining wall. Even when it is not in...
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acacia spathulifolia gold carpet 001

18. Wattle   (Acacia spathulifolia)
        Cultivar/variety: 'Gold Carpet'

Acacia 'Gold carpet has profuse golden-yellow flowers in late winter to spring on a low-growing shrub with interesting spoon-shaped foliage. This spectacular wattle grows to around a quarter of a metre high and a metre round, with a lovely shape. Use it as a feature groundcover...
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acacia vestita 006

19. Hairy Wattle   (Acacia vestita)

The weeping greyish foliage coupled with a manageable size and brilliant spring displays of golden yellow flowers have made this a very popular wattle in cultivation. It forms a medium to tall shrub with very dense foliage that makes it an excellent screening plant or...
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acalypha godseffiana_fijian fire plant_firestorm_1

20. Fijian Fire Plant   (Acalypha godseffiana)
        Cultivar/variety: 'Firestorm'

Acalypha 'Firestorm' is a small shrub grown for the brightly coloured foliage. It has narrow leaves which are green with contrasting pink to red edges. It has a bushy habit, is easy care and will give a tropical look in the landscape. It needs...
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