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Few of us have a natural flair when selecting colours, fittings and furniture that will suit the style of our home and make the best use of space.

We may often have a mental image or an idea of the atmosphere we would like in the home, but trying to make that a reality, and getting it right can be really challenging. This is where the experts of an interior designer are called upon.

An interior designer will incorporate your unique vision, requirements, and the flow and layout of the home, by employing textures, specific colours, light fittings and other materials to create a stunning home that complements, and enhances your individual style.

Interior designers are connoisseurs in their field, highly skilled in colour selection, various textures and materials, with the ultimate goal of making a particular living space look great, but function perfectly as well. They also have access to a whole host of suppliers and products not necessarily available direct to the public.

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When selecting an interior designer, like anyone you choose to do business with, the fit should be right. You should feel comfortable with them and ensure they are aware of your objectives and budget. This way you are not left with unmet expectations at the end. Ask them to provide you with a portfolio or photos of their previous work; this should give you a clear indication of their quality and style.

In terms of affordability, many people are of the misconception that interior designers cost a fortune and are only for the rich and pretentious. Interior designers provide a variety of services and will usually tailor a package to specifically suit your requirements and budget. Many will offer an initial free consultation from which you can decide as to whether you will proceed with engaging their services.

When speaking about your budget it is wise to stipulate what your budget includes. Whether it is specifically for the services of the interior designer or it also includes product or material purchases.

The way your home is finished off can be just as important as the quality of the construction. Think about what people see first when they view your home. If the home has been built for investment purposes the way it presents can be the difference between a sale and non sale or $1000’s of dollars in the sale price.

Therefore if you’re building, before you start to think about your colours, fixtures and furniture, it is worth giving consideration to engaging the services of an interior designer. It could be the difference between a reasonable looking home and a spectacular one.

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This article has been provided by APG Homes (based in Perth, WA).