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Furniture ideas supplied by La-Z-Boy

Does Your Home Represent You?

Is it time to pull out the colour samples and furniture catalogues for your new home décor? If so please remember when most of us redecorate, we forget to look at the essentials, which could make our lives so much easier. To make your home design overhaul a little easier read on to discover timely facelift renovation essentials.

Find the Perfect Colour Selection for You

During a home renovation, painting your walls in another colour is almost obligated. To ensure this colour represents who you are, you must do some additional research. However, during your selection, do not forget that some colours work better in certain rooms. For example, the use of colours that are too bold are not recommended for the bedroom, since these colours could cause some sleeping difficulties.

Choosing the right colour can do a lot for your home environment and how you feel in it, but how do you select the right colour for your personality? A trick that many interior designers use is the season system, where colours are selected based on the favourite season of the client.

The season that tends to be most popular with most people is spring, considering it includes a wide range of colours; this includes blues, reds, yellows and greens. Of course, there are also some in-between colours that are associated with spring, including ivory, which means most clients can find a colour palate they like in a spring colour catalogue.

To get the ideal colour range for your home, pick your favourite season and browse the shops for the seasonal colour ranges. Of course, if you do not have a favourite season, you could go with an all-season colour mix.

How to Choose the Right Recliner or Modular Sofa

One piece of furniture you will use a lot is your sofa. This must be considered carefully when remodelling or renovating your home, because an uncomfortable sofa can put a damper on your home’s transformation and make your home feel incomplete.

For the coming year, there are numerous options where sofas are concerned. However, if you prefer a combination of comfort and style, a recliner or modular sofa should be on your shortlist. A recliner can provide you with the comfort you need after a hard day at the office, while a modular sofa can be adjusted to fit your home like a tailored suit.

Recliners tend to be the best option for singles or couples without children. However, when you have a family and a few kids running around, the modular sofa will be your best option, since its multifunctional abilities enable you to adjust it for your family’s need. For some design inspiration- check out major retailer, La-Z-Boy.

How to Make Functional Bathroom Upgrades

Out of all the rooms in the house that need renovating, the bathroom is often the room that needs it the most. Many of us spend hours in the bathroom, getting ready for work, for a night out, or simply to look or best for the coming day. Now, if your bathroom is not a pleasant environment to be in, you may need to consider giving your bathroom that much needed upgrade this year.

Even though style is important, functionality is even more important when it comes to your bathroom makeover. Storage space is especially a concern, because many of us need the space to store towels, bathroom products and other things we need in the bathroom. However, if you do not have much space, this may prove a difficult feat.

Having a small bathroom does not mean you should punish yourself with little storage space though, because many companies have come up with some great storage solutions for the coming year. Even though these solutions may be somewhat of an investment, the added functionality in your bathroom will be worth the money.

A good recommendation for a small bathroom is adding a small shelf between the sink and your mirror. However, using materials such as wood for your shelf may cause your bathroom to look even smaller. Therefore, it is recommended to stick with materials such as glass, which add an extra dimension to your bathroom’s interior.

There is also a better way to store your essential bathroom products, and this better way can be found in your kitchen! Wall-mounted spice racks are not only a great solution for all your cooking spices, they can also be mounted on the wall to keep your sprays, perfumes and even shampoos from cluttering your bathroom.

Lastly, you could also install a modular unit underneath a standing sink. Many people have loads of space underneath a standing sink, but no way to use that space meaningfully. Adding a small modular unit during your renovation can help you make the most out of the space you do have.

Even though there is a lot more to renovation that sofa's, recliners, colours and bathroom upgrades, these four things form a solid foundation for a pleasant living environment. If you haven't felt comfortable in your home, then we can certainly recommend incorporating these basics into your home transformation!