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DIY Christmas Decorations

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DIY Christmas decoartions

How to decorate for Christmas
(without going overboard)

The silly season is coming - which means one thing, well a lot of things, but one global thing that is sure to happen is interiors are going to change.  The everyday suburban house is going to go from tasteful and modest to over the top, colourful and often tacky.  Here are some tips on how to keep your home looking classy and comfortable and avoid looking like the Reject Shop Christmas isle.


Not often the first place people think about to decorate, but adding a few cheery touches to all the spaces in your home stops one room from getting assaulted.   Don’t do anything drastic in this room, no tinsel or lights, let’s keep it safe.  Put a few simple objects about like Christmas scented soaps and new towels.  Bright red and green bath towels instantly enhance the Christmas feel and scents such as cranberry, ginger and cream or pine tree will start building excitement, and smell delicious.  These additions can also be used during the year.

Kids Room

On the 1st of December the first thing kids want is an advent calendar. Chocolate, Christmas countdown, it’s all too much for their excited eyes and mouths.  Skip the cheap cardboard advent calendar form the supermarket and make your own.  Not only can you use it every year but it’s a bit of fun for you as well.

Advent calendar - Grab a large piece of material, Christmas themed of course, and sow numbered patches onto it leaving the top side open to make pockets.  You could also buy one these, if your sowing skills are not your strong point. These pockets can then be filled with whatever you want, little gifts, chocolate, coal… Hang them on the wall to instantly give the room Christmas cheer and keep the munchkins happy. 

Light balls - Light balls are easy and so affective. All you need is a rattan ball from a craft supplier and a string of fairy lights. Just wrap the lights around the ball securing the lights as you go.

Main bedroom

If you plan on decorating other rooms in your home it maybe wise to leave the main bedroom as a Christmas free space, a place where you can retreat if the Christmas cheer becomes overbearing.

Outdoor areas

DIY Christmas decorations

When it comes to outdoor spaces at Christmas time less is more.  Unless you live on a street that famously goes all out then some classic additions is all you need.  Skip the tacky Santa falling down the chimney and the white “snow spray” on the windows.  Beautiful fairy lights interwoven into the trees and, a tasteful wreath on the door and a sparkling tree in the window are effective and can be used over and over again.   In the backyard add some red and gold candles to the outdoor seating and maybe some baubles if you have an appropriate tree, and no naughty pets to rip them off.  

Decorations and Gifts

Dining room

DIY Christmas decorationsDIY Christmas decorations

Whether it is the most of least used room, it needs beautiful decorations.  Again skip the tacky tinsel hanging from the ceiling and talking Santa’s, stick to class. Christmas shouldn’t disrupt your taste, buy some timeless beautiful glasses, make them say Christmas with gold and deep red features, not painted elves.   Place some wreaths down the middle of the table and put some red and green cushions on the chairs.  Put beautiful material table cloths on the tables; treat yourself and your family.   More meals are eaten at home during the Christmas period so make it as atmospheric as you can.  Put baubles in a vase as a centre piece or buy holly instead of flowers, start to bring out candy canes and crackers.  They are not just reserved for Christmas day.

Family room

DIY Christmas decorations

Christmas Potpourri

This is where the tree should be, in all its glory; place

it near a window so the lights can be seen from the outside.  Pick a colour theme for your tree and stick to it, three of four colours will do. The tinsel, baubles, ornaments and lights should work in harmony.  Place the Christmas stockings in this room and any other figures you may have. Do not overcrowd the tree with >presents on the first of December. Add them day by day - build anticipation and a sense of heading towards the big day.  Place a bowl of Christmas lollies or homemade treats in a crystal bowl on the table to keep little hands busy, it is a time to indulge after all.  

Framing Christmas Pictures adds Colour - The key is to choose beautiful decorations that will last, not cheap items that need to be replaced every year.   Stick to the classics with colours and decorations; keep a star on top of the tree and a wreath on the door. 

Create your own Christmas Potpourri - Choose scents and colours that stick to your Christmas theme colours.


The kitchen should be all about the food, depending on your own family traditions keep the fridge and cupboards stocked.  Fruit mine pies, eggnog and gingerbread houses are fun and deliciously Christmassy.  You can start to prepare gifts such as preserves in jars and spiced nuts to tie with red ribbons, place this around the room as make shift decorations.  When friends and family visit during December send them home with a jar or bag of nuts.  They look beautiful and are an effective way to save some money and make more personal gifts.

All Photos are provided by My Christmas

DIY Christmas gifts - pickles & jams