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Frost tolerant plants have features that make them suitable for areas where the temperature gets down below zero degrees. In most cases a low maintenance, evergreen frost tolerant plant will be required, one that doesn't get that burnt look or even brown off completely during frosts.

This list of frost tolerant plants will help landscape architects and designers to specify plants that can handle frosts and that typically stay green during cold periods.

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Acacia baileyana Prostrate 1

1. Cootamundra Wattle   (Acacia baileyana)
        Cultivar/variety: 'Prostrate'

Acacia baileyana 'Prostrate' is a great ground covering dense plant, that has feathery silver-grey bipinnate foliage with masses of spherical flower heads 1 cm in diameter in winter. A great plant for embankments and as a general ground cover. Also worth considering as a weeping...
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Acacia baileyana Purpurea 1

2. Cootamundra Wattle   (Acacia baileyana)
        Cultivar/variety: 'Purpurea'

A lovely wattle, featuring masses of flowers in spring and great foliage colour. The feathery silver-grey bipinnate foliage featuring striking purple new growth for most of the year contrasts with masses of bright yellow spherical flower heads 1 cm in diameter. Grows to a maximum...
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acacia cognata_wattle_emeraldcurl_1

3. Wattle   (Acacia cognata)
        Cultivar/variety: 'Emerald Curl'

Acacia 'Emerald Curl' is a hardy and easy going large shrub, with attractive curling bright green foliage. Great for screening, for windbreaks and general landscaping. Grows up to five metres tall. Likes a sunny position to partial shade, cool to temperate climates. Tolerant of...
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acer negundo_maple flamingo.

4. Maple negundo, Ash maple, Elf maple, Boxelder maple   (Acer negundo)
        Cultivar/variety: 'Flamingo'

Acer negundo 'Flamingo' is a hardy, deciduous small tree with striking pink tinged new growth. As the pinnate leaves mature they turn green with white variegations. The autumn colour is yellowish brown. The colourful foliage forms a lovely contrast to other plants. It has a...
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horse chestnut2

5. Horse chestnut   (Aesculus hippocastanum)

The horse chestnut is a lovely deciduous specimen tree for large gardens, parks and farms. It produces a lovely display of white panicles of flowers that are attractively marked with yellow aging to pink in late spring to summer. It is a vigorous, spreading rounded...
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althaea officinalis_marshmallow_1

6. Marshmallow   (Althaea officinalis)

Althaea officinalis, marshmallow, is a hardy perennial ornamental and medicinal plant with cream to pale pink flowers in summer and autumn. The leaves are furry and heart shaped which are lovely and tactile. Grows best in a moist and humus rich soil. Frost hardy, and...
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armeria_armeria thrift

7. Armeria, Thrift, Sea pink   (Armeria)

Armeria are herbaceous or shrubby perennials that form dense cushions of foliage, and flower through spring and summer. The flowers are good cut flowers, and can be used fresh or dried. They are tough and adaptable plants that grow on a wide range of soils,...
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8. Native Rush   (Baloskion pallens)
        Cultivar/variety: 'Didgery Sticks'

Baloskion 'Didgery Sticks' makes a great architectural statement for landscaping, with its strong upright habit and tolerant nature of a wide range of conditions. It is a type of native sedge that forms a clump of wiry upright stems giving a grass-like appearance. Good for vertical...
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brassica napus_russain red kale

9. Kale   (Brassica napus)
        Cultivar/variety: 'Russian Red'

Kale is a leafy type of cabbage, and is very nutritious, hardy and easy to grow. It can be grown all year round, and grows well in a wide range of temperatures. It tolerates frosts when established, as well as heat. They are highly regarded as...
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callikstemon cherry time 1.png

10. Bottlebrush   (Callistemon)
        Cultivar/variety: 'Cherry Time'

Callistemon 'Cheery Time' is a medium shrub (1.8m x 1.5m) with fine glossy leaves and bronze new growth. It has a lovely weeping habit and bright red brushes from spring to summer. The flowers are attractive to birds. Colourful new growth makes it a good...
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11. Carob   (Ceratonia siliqua)

Carob is a large, evergreen tree, cultivated for its edible pods that can be used as a chocolate substitute, ground to powder or eaten fresh or dried. It grows to around fifteen metres tall, with a lovely spreading crown, making it a good shady tree for large gardens, farms and...
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cupressocyparis leylandii_leightons green

12. Leyland cypress, Leylandii   (Cupressocyparis leylandii)
        Cultivar/variety: 'Leighton green'

Cupressocyparis leylandii 'Leighton Green' is a large evergreen tree. It is a very fast and dense growing, very large conifer. It is used for hedges, screens and wind breaks, but care should be taken with planting, as they can grow to 35 metres tall. It...
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cupressocyparis leylandii_naylors blue.

13. Leyland cypress   (Cupressocyparis leylandii)
        Cultivar/variety: 'Naylor's Blue'

Cupressocyparis leylandii 'Naylor's Blue' is a large evergreen tree. It is a fast growing conifer, used for hedges, screens and wind breaks. It grows to around 10 to 12 metres tall, and 3 to 5 metres wide, and has beautiful blue-grey foliage. It can be...
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cupressus sempevirens_swanes golden

14. Italian cypress   (Cupressus sempervirens)
        Cultivar/variety: 'Swane's Golden'

Cupressus sempervirens 'Swane's Golden' is an easy care, evergreen tree, with lovely golden coloured foliage which is retained through all seasons. This conifer has a narrow, columnar growth habit, and is slow growing to 5 to 7 metres tall and a metre wide. A good...
  ...learn more about the 'Swane's Golden' variety

cupressus torulosa_bhutan cypress

15. Bhutan cypress, Himalayan cypress   (Cupressus torulosa)

Cupressus torulosa, the Bhutan or Himalayan cypress, is a large evergreen  tree with yellow green foliage. It is a fast growing conifer, ultimately to around 30 metres tall and 10 metres wide, and is used as a privacy plant as it is dense growing. If left unpruned,...
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ficus carica_fig black genoa

16. Fig   (Ficus Carica)
        Cultivar/variety: 'Black Genoa'

The fig is a deciduous large shrub to small tree, that is grown for its edible, tasty fruit. 'Black Genoa' has a large sized fruit with purple skin and red flesh, with a rich sweet flavour. It bears mostly in summer, with a small first crop...
  ...learn more about the 'Black Genoa' variety

fraxinus aurea_golden ash_1

17. Golden Ash   (Fraxinus excelsior)
        Cultivar/variety: 'Aurea'

Fraxinus excelsior 'Aurea' is a very popular deciduous tree for brillaint yellow foliage colour. It is a useful shade tree with a nice rounded shape, and makes a good specimen tree for larger gardens, parks and farms. It has pale lemon leaves in spring, pale...
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18. Ginkgo, maidenhair tree   (Ginkgo biloba)

Ginkgo is a large, deciduous, long-lived tree that can be used medicinally and for food. Disease and pollution resistant, ginkgo makes a good street tree, providing summer shade and winter sun. Male trees are preferred for street planting, as the female drops slippery smelly fruit....
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grevillea alpina mountain grevillea 01.png

19. Mountain Grevillea; Cat's Claws   (Grevillea alpina)

This shrub flowers profusely for much of the year and is very popular in cultivation. There are many interesting and versatile forms available. This shrub has an incredible range of growth habits from low, cascading forms to taller upright forms, with dense dark green to grey green foliage...
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heliotropum amplexicaulum_blue heliotrope_1

20. Blue Heliotrope, Summer Heliotrope   (Heliotropium amplexicaule)

A clumping perennial plant with mauve-purple flower heads, this plant was originally a garden plant that has now become a weed in pastures, where it is poisonous to stock. It flowers from spring through to autumn, and is attractive to bees and butterflies. It...
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