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Summer brights

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In 2008 we witnessed a renaissance of strong clear vibrant colour and the trend for Summer 2009/10 is a continuation of this theme, but if anything the colours are even bolder than before. Beautiful strong bright colours have re-emerged as the stars of decorating, breaking out from the more muted tones that we have become accustomed to. Strong bright hues were traditionally used as accents in a colour palette but now they are being all jumbled together and used as the main theme. Colour has always been a great way to manipulate a space and now it is right at the forefront of any design. Designers still appreciate the beauty of grey and the subtleties that it can bring to an environment however bright colour is everywhere at the moment, in fashion, homewares and in textile design.

Lovers of colour will embrace this trend and even those of us who would normally prefer a simple understated colour scheme cannot help but be seduced by the stunning range of colourful designs that are emerging from the fabric houses around the globe. With a jumble of exotic colours there seem to be very few rules, however the easiest way to ensure that a scheme like this works is to select three colours that are equidistant on the colour wheel and make one of those colours the dominant part of the scheme.

No Chintz in Sydney stocks a stunning range of textiles and exclusive trims. They are passionate about colour and this is demonstrated in the wonderful range of fabrics on offer. Choose from a range of ready made cushions or let your imagination run riot and select fabrics for custom made items. Complement these beautiful textiles with traditionally made paints from Murobond. Their Pentimento Limewash combines the best of centuries old traditions and modern technology to create a great rich, velvet textured finish. Pentimento Limewash creates an understated mottled finish as the lime content makes the paint bloom. This is more noticeable in the stronger, brighter colours and this subtle finish softens the colour which is ideal for these vivid hues. Murobond Glisten, Carmine, Lime and Citron are wonderful brights that come in the Pentimento Limewash finish. The really adventurous amongst us can paint all their walls in this finish but for those who want to exercise some restraint, a feature wall in one of these bright hues will create a fabulous uplifting mood.