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actinidia deliciosa_kiwifruit 001

1. Kiwifruit   (Actinidia deliciosa)

The kiwifruit is a vigorous vine with bold dark green textured foliage, attractive white flowers and delicious edible fruits in late summer to early winter. Vines are either male or female and both are needed to produce a crop of fruit. For best performance it should...
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allamanda blanchetii_allamanda

2. Violet Allamanda   (Allamanda blanchetii)

Allamanda blanchetii is a fast growing, evergreen climbing shrub with glossy green foliage. It has large, showy pink flowers in summer and autumn.  It can be trained to cover fences and arbours, and also a standard. It is a good container plant. It is frost tender, so...
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allamanda cathartica_yellow trumpet vine

3. Yellow trumpet vine, Allamanda   (Allamanda cathartica)

Allamanda cathartica, the yellow trumpet vine, is a woody evergreen climbing shrub with large, showy bright yellow flowers in summer and autumn. Suitable for tropical, sub-tropical and warm, sheltered spots in temperate climates. It is fast growing, and the foliage is an attractive glossy green. It can...
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allamanda cathartica_cherry ripe.

4. Allamanda   (Allamanda cathartica)
        Cultivar/variety: 'Cherry Ripe'

Allamanda cathartica 'Cherry Ripe' is an evergreen climbing shrub with glossy green foliage. It is fast growing, and has large, showy pink flowers in summer and autumn. It is frost tender, so is suitable for tropical, sub-tropical and warm, sheltered spots in temperate climates. It can be...
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bougainvillea_bougainvillea climbing

5. Bougainvillea   (Bougainvillea)

Bougainvilleas are thorny, woody perennial climbing vines that are popular for their very colourful displays of flowers, pest and disease resistance, and salt and dryness tolerance. They are evergreen in warm moist conditions, but can be deciduous if there is a dry season. There are...
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bougainvillea_bougainvillea smarty pants flower

6. Bougainvillea
        Cultivar/variety: 'Smarty Pants'

Bougainvillea 'Smarty Pants' is a smaller growing variety of Bougainvillea with hot pink flowers and upright growth habit, with smaller thorns than regular bougainvilleas. The flowers and leaves are densely packed along the stems, giving an attractive, full look. Bougainvilleas are thorny, woody perennial climbing vines...
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bouganvillea bambino_krishna

7. Bougainvillea
        Cultivar/variety: 'Bambino Krishna'

Bougainvillea Bambino 'Krishna' is a woody perennial climbing vine with showy large mauve bracts. Bambino Bougainvilleas are smaller cultivars, and are tough and hardy plants. They are evergreen in warm moist conditions, but can be deciduous if there is a dry season. Bougainvilleas will grow over anything...
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bougainvillea_bambino bilas

8. Bougainvillea
        Cultivar/variety: 'Bambino Bilas'

Bougainvillea 'Bambino Bilas' is a woody perennial climbing vine with variegated foliage and bright pink-red flowers. The new growth is pink, and ages to green and white variegations. Bambino Bougainvilleas have been bred to be more compact than normal. They will grow over anything that will give...
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bougainvillea_bambino bluey

9. Bougainvillea
        Cultivar/variety: 'Bambino Bluey'

Bougainvillea 'Bambino Bluey' is a woody perennial climbing vine with pinkish blue flowers. It has shiny green foliage. Bambino Bougainvilleas have been bred to be more compact than normal. They will grow over anything that will give the sturdy stems support. They can also be grown as plants that will spill...
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bougainvillea_golden tango_1

10. Bougainvillea
        Cultivar/variety: 'Orange Tango'

Bougainvillea 'Golden Tango' is a tough and vigorous climber with yellow orange colourful bracts and small white flowers within the bracts. It can be grown over fences, trellises and pergolas, but the structure should be sturdy as the plant can grow large. It will...
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bouganvillea_lady mary baring_1

11. Bougainvillea
        Cultivar/variety: 'Lady Mary Baring'

Bougainvillea 'Lady Mary Baring' is a vigorous and tough climber with flamboyant orange bracts and small white flowers. It is mostly used for covering fences, pergolas and walls, but can also be used as a groundcover and for spilling over retaining walls. It is...
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bougainvillea_bougainvillea_orange glory_1

12. Bougainvillea
        Cultivar/variety: 'Orange Glory'

Bougainvillea 'Orange Glory' is a great climber or cascading plant with bright burnt orange flowers for most months of the year, bringing great colour to fences, pergolas and verandahs. It will need a strong support as it is a vigorous plant which can reach...
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bougainvillea_bougainvillea_temple fire_1

13. Bougainvillea
        Cultivar/variety: 'Temple Fire'

Bougainvillea 'Temple Fire' has eye catching bright pink bracts with tiny white flowers, and is a great vigorous climber. It can also be used to cascade down banks, and is a brilliant plant for adding colour to warm gardens for most of the year....
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bougainvillea_bougainvillea bambino_wabag_1

14. Bougainvillea
        Cultivar/variety: 'Bambino Wabag'

Bougainvillea 'Bambino Wabag' is a great climber for warm climates, with variegated leaves and red bracts. It is good for sunny positions and can take coastal conditions. A vigorous climber or can be used to spill over banks. Needs a sturdy support, but can...
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campsis radicans_trumpet vinejpg

15. Trumpet vine, Trumpet creeper   (Campsis radicans)

Campsis radicans, trumpet vine, is a vigorous, deciduous, woody perennial vine. It has glossy dark green pinnate leaves and large showy orange red flowers with a yellow throat which are attractive to birds and butterflies. It is frost and drought tolerant once established. It is...
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cissus rhombifolia grape ivy_1

16. Grape ivy   (Cissus rhombifolia)

Cissus rhombifolia is a lush and tough climbing plant, suitable for indoor growing or for outdoors as a hanging or climbing plant or groundcover. It has insignificant white flowers in spring. It likes a moist and humus rich soil, if it dries out it...
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17. Clematis   (Clematis)

Clematis has around 300 species, and they have been extensively hybridised to produce many beautiful cultivars. They are mainly woody, vigorous vines, but there are shrubby forms as well as herbaceous perennials. There are deciduous and evergreen forms, ones bred to flower at any time...
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clematis_clematis piilu

18. Clematis
        Cultivar/variety: 'Piilu'

Clematis 'Piilu' is a vigorous, woody climbing perennial vine with a profusion of large flowers through spring and summer which cover the plant. The first flowers in spring are double, and later flowers come single. The flowers are light purple with an attractive darker purple stripe...
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clematis southern stars 003

19. Clematis   (Clematis hybrid)
        Cultivar/variety: 'Southern Stars'

A beautiful Australian native Clematis with starry white flowers that can be used either as a climber or as a superb ground cover. It is a relatively quick growing plant that has a mounding growth habit. It makes a great little feature plant and is especially suited...
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dipladenia sanderi rosea

20. Brazilian Jasmine, Dipladenia, Mandevilla   (Dipladenia sanderi rosea)

Dipladenia sanderi rosea is an evergreen twining climbing plant that bears large pink flowers mainly in summer, also in spring and autumn. In warmer climates it can flower year round. It has attractive, dark glossy  foliage. It is a frost tender plant. It likes bright...
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