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1. Abelia   (Abelia)

Abelias are popular garden shrubs, hardy and drought tolerant, and relatively pest free. They also flower for months, with the flowers making a lovely contrast to the glossy foliage.  Plant Abelia in sun or part shade. It will do best in a moist humus rich...
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abelia grandiflora_abelia francis mason

2. Abelia, Golden abelia   (Abelia grandiflora)
        Cultivar/variety: 'Frances Mason'

Abelia grandiflora 'Francis Mason' is a hardy evergreen medium to large shrub with a graceful, arching habit. The new foliage growth is golden, aging to medium to dark green with buttery yellow edging. They flower for months in spring to summer, with the pale pink...
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abelia grandiflora_bumble bee

3. Abelia   (Abelia grandiflora)
        Cultivar/variety: 'Bumble Bee'

Abelia grandiflora 'Bumble Bee'  is a hardy evergreen medium to large shrub with a graceful, arching habit. It has white flowers tinged with mauve, and the flowers are lightly fragrant and are attractive to butterflies. The foliage is glossy and dense and colours in autumn. Abelias are...
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abelia x grandiflora_abelia_variegata_2

4. Abelia   (Abelia x grandiflora)
        Cultivar/variety: 'Variegata'

Abelia x grandiflora 'Variegata' is a delightful variety of the hardy old favourite Abelia. It has green leaves with broad white edges, and the new growth is pink under the right conditions, making it a colourful garden addition year round. It naturally grows with...
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abutilon_chinese lantern_1

5. Chinese lantern   (Abutilon)

A fast growing decorative shrub with pendulous flowers which resemble hanging lanterns, in various colours from pink, red, orange, yellow and white. It is long flowering, in warmer climates they can flower all year round. Best in sub-tropical areas and also for temperate climates....
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abutilon megapotamica_chinese lantern_2

6. Chinese Lantern, Trailing Abutilon   (Abutilon megapotamicum)

A hardy shrub with pendulous yellow bell flowers with contrasting orange-red caps, it grows to around two and a half metres high and wide. Long flowering from spring through to autumn, best in a sub-tropical climate, but can be also be grown in temperate areas....
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acacia iteaphylla 001

7. Flinders Range Wattle   (Acacia iteaphylla)

This adaptable wattle features beautiful silvery weeping foliage with a great display of pale yellow flowers in spring. It is a medium to large shrub with longish, narrow leaves and it varies in the degree to which these weep, with some forms of the species...
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acalypha reptans_dwarf red cat tails

8. Red cats tail, Chenille plant, Firetail, Acalypha   (Acalypha reptans)

Acalypha reptans is a tropical or subtropical subshrub with decorative pendulous tassels of red flowers in summer to autumn. An easy care, low maintenance plant. They are good garden feature plants, for massed plantings and borders, and for containers. They can be used as indoor...
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Acmena smithii Allyn Magic

9. Lilly Pilly   (Acmena smithii)
        Cultivar/variety: 'Allyn Magic'

Acmena 'Allyn Magic' is a tried and true lilly pilly. A fantastic dwarf form of this species, low mounding shrub with naturally dense habit and red new growth. Fleshy pink berries follow cream fluffy flowers. The berries are edible. Birds love both the flowers and...
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acmena smithii_lilly pilly_cherry surprise_1

10. Lilly Pilly   (Acmena smithii)
        Cultivar/variety: 'Cherry Surprise'

Acmena 'Cherry Surprise' is a beautiful and very hardy small leaf lilly pilly, a great native shrub which is perfect for low hedging and screening as well as for topiary and bonsai work. It has bright red new growth which contrasts nicely with the dark...
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adenanthos cuneatus coral carpet 1.png

11. Flame Bush   (Adenanthos cuneatus)
        Cultivar/variety: 'Coral Carpet'

This delightful ground cover features beautifully textured colourful foliage that provides a year round highlight in the garden. Best in coastal areas of Western Australia but also grows well in well drained soils in other parts of southern Australia. It small red flowers are not...
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adenanthos cuneatus_flat out 001

12. Jugflower   (Adenanthos cuneatus)
        Cultivar/variety: 'Flat Out'

The totally prostrate habit combined with the texture and colour of the foliage are the outstanding features of this fantastic Western Australian plant. It is best used as a ground cover to spill over embankments or rockeries, or as weeping standard grafted plant. Whilst the...
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aechmea weilbachii_bromeliad

13. Bromeliad   (Aechmea weilbachii)

Aechmea weilbachii is an attractive bromeliad that has long lasting purple flowers with red bracts from autumn to spring. It has soft shiny leaves, and readily forms clumps. It is relatively slow growing, and is not frost tolerant. It likes a semi shaded position, under trees...
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horse chestnut2

14. Horse chestnut   (Aesculus hippocastanum)

The horse chestnut is a lovely deciduous specimen tree for large gardens, parks and farms. It produces a lovely display of white panicles of flowers that are attractively marked with yellow aging to pink in late spring to summer. It is a vigorous, spreading rounded...
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agapanthus orientalis_agapanthus baby pete

15. Agapanthus, Lily of the Nile   (Agapanthus orientalis)
        Cultivar/variety: 'Baby Pete'

Agapanthus "Baby Pete' is a compact, dwarf agapanthus, with striped blue flowers, and is bred for Australian conditions. It is a sterile form of agapanthus, which means that it sets no seed, so there is no risk of it being a weed hazard. It is a herbaceous, evergreen, perennial...
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agapanthus orientalis_black pantha flower

16. Agapanthus, Lily of the Nile   (Agapanthus orientalis)
        Cultivar/variety: 'Black Pantha'

Agapanthus orientalis 'Black Pantha' is a decorative, hardy, herbaceous perennial plant. It flowers in summer, with large globe shaped heads of flowers of purple blue, and has the darkest of flowers of the agapanthus. The flowers last well as cut flowers. 'Black Pantha' is virtually...
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agapanthus orientalis_cloudy days

17. Agapanthus   (Agapanthus orientalis)
        Cultivar/variety: 'Cloudy Days'

Agapanthus orientalis 'Cloudy Days' is a mid-sized, clumping perennial plant with bi-coloured blue and white flowers in summer. It is a great hardy garden plant for most areas and soil types. Grows in full sun to shade, but best flowering is in higher light. Good...
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agapanthus orientalis_queen mum 2

18. Agapanthus   (Agapanthus orientalis)
        Cultivar/variety: 'Queen Mum'

Agapanthus orientalis 'Queen Mum' is a tough, herbaceous perennial plant with full bi-coloured flowers heads of blue and white. The foliage is glossy green, and the plant and flower size are large for agapanthus. It likes a sunny position, but will grow in shade, though...
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19. Agapanthus, lily of the Nile, Aunt Aggie's pants   (Agapanthus praecox)

Agapanthus is a hardy bulbous perennial plant with long, strappy, glossy leaves. It bears large umbels of flowers in summer. There are dwarf varieties that can be used for borders, as well as large varieties. Agapanthus are very low maintenance plants, and will survive and...
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agapanthus praecox_agapanthus goldstrike foliage

20. Agapanthus, Lily of the Nile   (Agapanthus praecox)
        Cultivar/variety: 'Gold Strike'

Agapathus 'Gold Strike' is a selected form of the very popular agapanthus, with golden variegated foliage and dark blue, striped flowers. It is a herbaceous, evergreen, perennial plant, and is a very reliable, easy care garden favourite. It is long flowering through the warmer months,...
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